Best Sex Toys and Accessories for Winter

Winter is a wonderful and magical season and we should make some space for that magic in our intimate life as well. Since the weather gets colder, things can get warmer in the bedroom and your sex life can take off in an interesting and exciting direction. And the best way to add some diversity to your relationship is by getting some new toys to go along with your fantasies. BDSM community offers a variety of fetishes that can be explored, especially during holidays! Let’s look at some of the best sex toys and accessories that you can use with your partner this winter!

1. Lubricants

Lubricants are great for many sexual interactions and BDSM scenes. They are a good accessory to have in your sexual arsenal and can really make the difference during intercourse. Now you can find lubricants that warm up when they touch the skin, which will make you feel less of the winter cold. But don’t use your lubricant just for sexual intercourse! You can very well use it for an intense session of erotic massage, along with some candles and music. Especially if you are more the romantic type, your partner will appreciate to feel your hands massaging their body with a lubricant or oil that smells delicious. Chances are such a romantic session will end up in an even more intense sexual encounter so it can be a great idea for foreplay!

2. Furry toys and accessories

You will be able to find a variety of furry sex toys and accessories and some of them are too cute to resist. Especially if you are into pet and pony kind of fetishes! And if you aren’t, you might be hooked on those as soon as you try a nice butt plug with a furry tail at the end. These tails come in a variety of colors and textures and they are made to imitate animal tales. You can even can a cute bunny tail and have your submissive partner wear it! Besides, tails, there are a lot of cuffs including handcuffs and leg cuffs that have furry decorations on them and can keep your slave warm during those cold winter nights! These accessories don’t just look cute, but they become a huge turn on for both partners. Your submissive lover will feel more vulnerable and controlled while wearing them and you will simply love their innocent yet kinky look when you spank them how they deserve.

3. Wax, all over the place

Wax is a great asset to have and you can incorporate it in so many BDSM fetishes! You can combine it with different styles of bondage, even the extreme ones like suspension bondage. Your submissive partner will not be able to control their body while you will have the freedom to pour warm wax on them and get excited by their sudden reaction. It is an intense BDSM game that you can play until you find a common ground for both of you. You will be able to see which areas of their body are more sensitive and know which ones to explore with more intensity. However, it is important to control the temperature of the wax that way the balance between pain and sexual pleasure is just right. This is a very important aspect in any type of BDSM scene that you are planning to perform.

These are a few toys and accessories that can be successfully used to make your winter evenings hotter than ever! But you can combine them with any other sex toy to obtain an intense sexual pleasure and reach a higher level of satisfaction. Talk with your partner and see what are some of their ideas! You will be amazed to see how much pleasure and new fetishes you will discover by trying these simple and exciting toys out and using your imagination and creativity! Let the evening get wild!

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