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Easy Steps to Tantric Sex for Beginners

Tantric sex is a great way to combine your physical activities with your spiritual mind. Its purpose is for both partners to achieve nirvana or enlightenment through their physical connection during sex. The history of this kind of sex goes back millennia ago and it is something regularly taught in both Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Something this ancient should have significant benefits since it is still practiced today, don’t you think so? *wink*

Everyone has some sexual energy and because of this we can achieve orgasms. Orgasms are the path leading us to a higher spiritual level or nirvana. Basically, tantra sees orgasms as more than simple pleasurable sensations. They are a way to get to a higher place. But don’t think the purpose of tantric sex is just to orgasm.

Tantric practices require a lot of time to orgasm. In fact, one of the keys to it is delaying your orgasm. Because the whole purpose of tantric sex is to let go of the urge and rush to climax. Instead, you should focus solely on your partner while letting go of everything else. As you practice, concentrate on your ‘kundalini’ to get to a higher level of spiritual understanding. Hence, tantric sex is more about being spiritual and meditative than it is physical.

As a beginner to tantric sex, be sure to concentrate on your breathing very deeply as if you were practicing yoga. Maintaining eye contact with your partner is also important as this helps create a spiritual connection and a feeling of intimacy between the two of you. Looking deep into your lover’s eyes creates a very mystical link allowing you to synchronize your breathing with each other. The idea is for you to inhale your partner’s breath while he or she exhales and the other way around. This connection will make you ‘take your partner’ completely — piece by piece. Thus, creating the sexual energy mentioned earlier.

The tantric practice is all about being bare in front of your partner (mentally.) You can achieve this by maintaining eye contact throughout your whole session. Focus on your partner by driving your attention towards their face, the different colors in their eyes, how their skin feels against yours. As you focus on those details in your partner, you may be surprised to find things you haven’t really noticed before like a mole or a freckle. Concentrate on what you find beautiful about them as well. The main point here is to never close your eyes too often during sex (raise your hand if you are guilty of this… wink*) If you do, then you risk breaking the connection. Hence, it would cut you off from an activity where all five senses are at play.

Another important aspect of tantric sex is assuming a ‘yab-yum’ position. It requires you to sit cross-legged in front of your partner with your knees touching. You may also sit with your legs wrapped around your partner’s torso or sit on their lap with your legs wrapped around each other. The idea is to establish an intimate embrace while you continue to synchronize your breathing.

Remember to always take things slow. You should never be in a hurry to climax. Focus on your partner, kiss and caress them as you enjoy the whole experience. You can have penetration but try to hold off for as long as you can before achieving an orgasm.

Afterward, always massage each other. This can be very nice after such an intense experience. What's more, it will help you spread the energy you have created between each other.

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