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Easy Ways to Turn Sex Fantasies into Reality

We all have a fantasy world we would like to explore and indulge in, and most of the time we keep it to ourselves when you don’t have to. Your sexual fantasies can enrich your relationship so much and help you actually experiment with new sexual pleasures with your partner. Chances are you are not the only one having these fantasies but you will never know if it is the case or not unless you verbalize them with the one you want to share them with. Most of the couples who are afraid to share their fantasies are shy or afraid of judgement. This attitude will only make you miss out on a lot of sexual satisfaction and unique experiences.

But if you are BDSM enthusiast, keeping your fantasies to yourself is not an option because you will need your partner to fulfill most of them. If they are not into BDSM fetishes, you will want to get them into it so you can both enjoy the amazing world of sexual diversity. So, if you want to try a certain BDSM scene you have been fantasizing about, the first thing to do is to talk about it with your partner. You might be surprised to discover your partner is more than interested to join you and give your fantasy a try and you will regret all the times you avoided this type of conversation. If you are more the dominant kind and your partner is more the submissive type, introducing them to BDSM fantasies you have can be done slowly. Introducing them to a soft form of bondage first can help a great deal. Try showing them a nice collar and talk them into wearing it then get them to try an armbinder. Most likely they will play along with you and be more than happy to become an obedient slave, especially if you introduce them to the best equipment. After your partner is familiar with the basics of your fantasy you can try to add different factors, toys and sexual activities into your encounters. Evaluate what they are ready to indulge in and what might be too much at once. Make sure you don’t just share your fantasies but you listen to your partner’s as well.

Remember, they have their own sexual desires and fantasies. You might want to consider engaging them if you want to have a healthy and happy relationship. Reciprocation is an important part of any kind of relationship, especially when it comes to the sexual aspect of it. The more things you experiment in the bedroom, the stronger your relationship will grow and the level of trust between the two of you will increase a lot over time. The best way to try new fantasies is through role play scenes to create the right atmosphere for the sexual satisfaction you both seek.

BDSM offers you a wide variety of fantasy and sexual scenes you can try. There is no reason why you should keep your sexual interests to yourself. Nothing is too weird and nothing is too much when it comes to sexual satisfaction and stimulation! You will discover new abilities and sexual skills and develop new fetishes to change your sexual life for the better. The only thing you need to consider is having a sane, safe and consensual sexual encounter, especially when it comes to fulfilling a BDSM fantasy you have been developing in your head over time as it might be different when you try it with your partner. Our imagination leaves out a lot of possible obstacles so we tend to disregard them either when we first experience something we imagined will be simply hot. Make sure you have a safety word in place just in case things get out of hand and your partner is not ready for the intensity you are willing to add to your sexual encounter. As long as you share your fantasies freely, you will have a lot more to win than if you keep them to yourself and wonder, “What if?”

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