Why Ben Wa Balls are Better with Kegel Exercises

One of the best ways to use Ben Wa balls is to pair them together with Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are important because they help with the strengthening of pelvic muscles and tightening of the vagina; those things, in turn, will help you increase sexual pleasure and are key to an integral sexual health.

While you can do Kegel exercises alone, using balls are great additions to this exercise. They will add a bit of a challenge and at the same time they will stimulate you, so you will get the best of both worlds. So whether you’ve tried Kegel’s before, without Ben Wa Balls, or this is your first time doing them, make sure to really make the most out of the work out. And hey, this is probably one of the most pleasurable workouts there are out there, wink*.

In order for you to make them right, its important for you to know where your pelvis muscle is located. This is the muscle you feel working when you squeeze your muscles as when you’re trying to stop peeing. When you have it clear, it will be easier to work on those Kegel’s. And keep in mind you will need to use some lubrication in order to make insertion easier.

  • If you will not be using the balls, squeeze and hold for five-ten seconds and release for that time as well. Continue to do that as many times as you can for 10 minutes.
  • The other option if you will not be using Ben Wa Balls, is to squeeze and release very fast; make sure to not do it longer than two seconds. Continue to do those cycles as many times as you can repeat in five minutes.
  • If you will be using the balls, the principle and cycles will be the same as the ones above; you can use one or two balls, as you prefer. You can use one if you want to really focus on strongly squeezing.
  • An alternative is to use the two balls when you move around. That way, you will be working your pelvic floor muscles to keep the balls inside the vagina.

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