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Better Honeymoon Sex Tips Make You Shout 'YES!'

The time has finally arrived; you and the love of your life decided to make it official and got hitched. Now, I know planning a wedding tends to be quite stressful, no matter how small or intimate event you choose to have. And just as I know that, I also know most people probably associate honeymoon with banging hot sex till you can’t walk anymore. Even if you two have already had sex a million times before, you are probably expecting this sex to blow your mind. But truth is, sometimes that pressure can be quite troublesome because nobody acts well under it, especially if you have tons of expectations (remember: expectations are never a good thing). Besides, let’s be honest, you will probably be tired and will be looking forward to resting a bit. So, “what to do with all the amazing things you had planned?”

Now, like I said, the first thing you need to do is throw away the thought “wedding night sex will be the best of our lives”. Chances are you will be tired and/or slightly intoxicated, so keep in mind it’s more than natural to just go to bed as soon as you can. Don’t fall into having sex because it’s expected you two have sex; I mean, you know how much time you will have to explore and have awesome sex together? The rest of your lives! Wink* No pressure here, darling.

When you actually go on your honeymoon, you can begin to explore during that time. The good thing about honeymoons is you have time to enjoy each other without any outside pressure, just like a very sexy vacation. Even if you have already had sex, this is a perfect time to learn more about each other. Explore new activities and don’t be afraid to kiss, lick, touch and caress from the tip of your toe to the crown of your partner’s head, wink*.

When you are packing your bags, don’t forget to add some fun items to spice things up. It doesn’t have to be something big, but you can pack your 1 or 2 of your favorite toys (that don’t take up massive space, of course). For example, you can take a small bullet vibrator, a mini butt plug, a mini whip or paddle, some rope…And don’t forget to pack up your favorite lube!

A cool thing you can do is to write down three (or more) things you have always wanted to try. Make your partner do the same and then switch lists. The idea is for you two to try at least one of each least while you are away. It will be a good start of what’s to come later on your sex lives. And it’s incredibly sexy to know what you two will engage in the future.

Remember this is a time for you two to enjoy yourselves, both sexually and spiritually. I know sex will be a big part of the trip, but make sure to also enjoy other activities! Everybody needs a break and this will not be an exception. There’s time for everything, wink*.

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