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Best Tips and Tricks to Make Her Laugh

Making a woman laugh can be the key to winning her heart. And in order to do this you will need to know some tips. The faster you begin to impress her, the faster you can make your move. There are several ways you can do this depending on your personality and your type of humor; but you will need to remember: no matter what, you will always need to be authentic and true to yourself. This is the key to making her laugh because as long as you are authentic and are not trying too hard, she will like you.

Probably the number one advice comedians can tell you when it comes to being a funnier person is to take advantage of the situation. This means you want to use the circumstances and the environment that surrounds you to say something funny. When you use circumstances to say funny things chances are she will have also noticed it and will appreciate you commenting on it.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to never be mean towards someone else. Being mean will get you nowhere and it can actually deduct some brownie points. It only makes you look bad and she will peg as you someone nasty and unkind...so she won’t want to be associated with you.

Usually girls love self-deprecating mood. It is great because it makes her more comfortable around you right away; it is always refreshing to see someone laugh at himself or herself because they don’t take it too seriously. Just be careful not to overdo it.

You can also make her laugh by teasing her a little bit. Teasing is a fantastic way to flirt and makes her laugh at the same time. In order to do this you will first need to know her a bit, so wait a few minutes before you try anything. When you see the perfect opportunity, tease her about something she is comfortable with. She will try to fight it or get offended, but she will notice right away you are only trying to tease her.

Just as well, keep in mind she can also try to make you laugh by teasing you. When she does, don’t get offended; besides, it will be like a pot meeting the kettle wink* Follow her game and laugh with her because it is actually a great sign if both of you are teasing each other and trying to make each other laugh.

And flirting can also make her laugh…who doesn’t want to charm someone at the same time they are making her laugh? You can go all out with your charisma and flirt a lot, she will be laughing all the way out your heart (and other regions wink*)

Something else to try is to play dumb. All you need is to pretend you don’t know something she is talking about…and when she tries to explain, laugh and say it is all in jest. The only thing is that you will want to do this with something silly or trivial, never with something important. Otherwise the joke will be lost.

If everything else fails or if the conversation has stalled and you don’t know what to say, then you can tell her a funny story. You can choose a hilarious story that can also make you look great at the same time; besides making her laugh, she will be able to get to know you better as well. If you don’t know what story to tell, try to think of past funny experiences. That way, you can casually bring it up with ‘oh, that reminds me of…

And for those who are looking to push those boundaries, you can also joke about sex. Keep in mind some people are not comfortable with those jokes, especially coming from a stranger, so try to gauge her before you say anything. And if she isn’t feeling it, laugh and say you didn’t meant to come off as offensive…and move on!

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