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3 Ways to Spice Up Missionary Sex

Missionary sex might be the most popular sexual position but it doesn’t have to be the most boring as well. With so many sexual fantasies and fetishes, engaging in such a form of sex might seem like it lacks the potential passion that you could achieve from a sexual encounter. But what if there were ways to make missionary sex so much more interesting and intense for both you and your partner? In this article, you will get some precious ideas about what you can do to spice things up during a missionary sexual encounter and your partner will thank you for it!

1. Make more skin contact

Missionary can be a very romantic position, perfect for making love to your partner. During missionary sex, the intimacy level is increased, and you will feel more connected with your lover than in any other type of sexual encounter. But you can make all this even better by making more skin contact during such a sex scene. You can feel and enjoy all your partner’s body during missionary sex and this will not only have a positive impact on your intimacy but also on your orgasm as well. You will get so much more excited and the entire sexual encounter will be much more intense than you imagined.

2. Look in your partner’s eyes

Looking at your partner during missionary intercourse is very exciting. Most people underestimate this aspect of sexual encounters, but it actually has a great power over the entire experience. You will be able to see the reactions of your lover and get turned on even more by witnessing their passion. Chances are that you might even reach orgasm faster if you look into their eyes while you are passionately engaged in a session of missionary sex. Not to mention that the entire experience will be so much more romantic for both of you! And your partner will feel much more engaged in the sexual encounter if you look at them and not around the room. Not looking at your partner during missionary sex might actually send them the wrong message and make you seem distant and not emotionally involved, which never has a good outcome.

3. Use sex toys to increase stimulation

Now, missionary sex is not all about romance and intimacy even if this might be its main positive aspect. You can cross this line and join the naughty team by simply adding the right sex toys and accessories to the sexual encounter and transform it into an exciting sexual game. Use a butt plug on either you or your partner and add some nipple clamps as well to spice things up. All these extra details that you add to your sex scene will increase the sexual stimulation and will turn on both of you so much more! You can even add some electro-stimulating devices at it and some handcuffs just for the excitement. There are plenty of bondage toys and accessories that you can combine with missionary sex and you don’t have to be into BDSM practices to do so. All you have to do is keep an open mind and use your imagination in order to increase the sexual pleasure and stimulation that you are aiming to achieve with your lover.

Besides applying these basic tips that will change your missionary sexual experience for the best, you can always use your creative ways to develop new ways to increase the excitement. A useful tip is to try to hold your orgasm to make the entire sex scene even more intense. The longer you can resist the urge to climax, the better will be for a missionary sex scene. Be careful not to prolong your sexual satisfaction for too long though, because this can have an opposite effect for both you and your partner. And when it comes to increasing the sexual pleasure, your partner might have some ideas as well.

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