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Easy Sex Positions to Last Longer in Bed

Probably one of the biggest complaints a woman would have when it comes to their male partners and sex, she wishes they would last longer in bed. But even when they are trying to hold out and last longer, they sometimes finish in five or ten minutes…much to the chagrin of females. The truth of the matter is a lot of women need at least 20 minutes to achieve an orgasm. So if you do the math you can see why so many women complain about this.

But the good news is you can do a lot of things in order to last longer. One of those things is to change your position when you are having sex. Changing positions often in a sex session will allow both of you to rest for a bit and adjust your pace. It is best to keep things shallow. So choose positions with limited penetration. Bear in mind, deep thrusting is generally what makes most men blow their load early. You also need a position allowing for slow and steady sex, instead of fast and pounding. Another trick is to try a tiring position or something physically exhausting. It is because your mind will put a lot of focus on it and as a result help you last longer. So having said of all those tips, let’s take a look at some of the most common positions to help make your man last longer. Of course, always remember your lube.

Spooning is a great choice. The two of you will lie down on your sides and look at the same direction. The man’s pelvis should be located lower than the woman’s. The woman needs to bend a bit towards the front and lift her leg to help penetration. The man controls the movements but it will be a grinding motion instead of thrusting. In this position penetration is shallow, so you won’t be too stimulated. At any rate, everything will be slow because you won’t be able to move too hard.

You can try the cross if you are in the mood for something different. The man lies down on his side while facing the woman who is also lying down on her back while perpendicular to the man’s body. Her legs should be located over his pelvis. She presses her crotch against his and keeps her legs open to allow penetration. At this point, the man can use her legs for support or move closer or further with her legs. Since this position can be quite tricky for him, he won’t be able to move too much. Although the penetration is deeper than the ones mentioned earlier, the man won’t be able to move too hard so the woman can get wonderful clitoral stimulation too wink*

If you love the doggy style but he can’t last very long with it then try this variation. The woman is on all fours but lowers her upper body until her stomach is lying on the bed. Obviously, the man needs to follow along. Otherwise, he will pull out. Afterward, he can lie down on top of the woman or lift himself with his knees and his legs are on each side of the woman’s. The penetration will not be as deep as normal doggy style but it can hit your g-spot perfectly.

But if what you really like is deep penetration and the problem is thrusting then try doing it while sitting down. Make him sit with his legs crossed together while you place yourself on his lap and wrapping your legs behind his back. The woman can adjust the angle by leaning forward and backwards, move up and down or in circles. Even though the penetration is deep, the man won’t be able to thrust too hard. Best of all, you can kiss him passionately too wink*

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