3 Long Distance Sex Tips for a Hot Relationship

Obstacles and struggles often accompany long distance relationships. The obvious challenge would be the physical aspect. Although physical interaction is not the only basis for a healthy, a long distance relationship can test even the strongest union. So, in this case, you should make sure to replace it with other forms of intimacy. Thanks to modern technology, couples today can overcome the lack of sexual encounters in their lives albeit in a virtual manner. However, an extended long distance relationship can cause serious damage. So your main goal is to spice things up to avoid becoming emotionally distant to your partner while you are apart.

Here are some tips and tricks to help keep your relationship alive even when you can’t be together physically!

1. Have phone sex

Since the phone’s invention, couples continue to take advantage of this incredible technology and use it to have hot and exciting sexual encounters while they are apart. A kinky imagination along with a toy or two from your sexual arsenal maybe all you need to have a successful phone sex session. Use your creative skills to set up a theme for your phone sex encounter, or a type of role play you would like to play with your partner. Make sure you get very descriptive to turn them on successfully. Tell them what you’re wearing and what you would like them to do to you to play with your lover’s imagination. When you are talking with your lover, make sure to use your favorite dildo, vibrator or orgasm belt. Using sex toys will help you engage your partner in an honest and intense manner. No doubt, he or she will not be able to resist your erotic moans over the phone. Thus, it is a chance to discover new levels of your sexual pleasure.

2. Send pictures to each other

Modern technology offers you various communication options. This is good news for couples in long distance relationships. You can use your laptop or desktop PC to send your partner random sexy pictures. Be sure to look as natural as possible while snapping images of yourself. If you happen to have a new sex toy such as a new pair of nipple clamps, you can send your lover a photo of you wearing them.Keeping a sexy attitude will also make these pictures a great piece of sexual material for your partner. You can also send them naked pictures of yourself and make sure to encourage them to do the same. Take it further by showing them what they are missing while watching you masturbate. Doing of all of this can make the distance between the two of you seem shorter and help enrich your sex life a lot. At the same time, your long distance partner will feel they are part of your sex life and your daily events. Thus, significantly increase the level of intimacy between the two of you.

3. Share common events of your life

The messages and photos you send do not have to be of a sexual nature all the time. In fact, you should always mix the spicy things with random details of your daily life. Let your partner know how your workday went or how much you liked the last movie you watched. This will have a positive impact on your long distance relationship and will make you feel like you are together again. Remember, sharing is the most important aspect of any relationship. When two people share their lives together, it includes sharing events, memories, thoughts, feelings and intimacy. It is wise to have an hour set up for daily or weekly talks. So, make sure to aside some free time for this without any stress from external factors.

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