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Talk About Sex and Relationships

3 Ways to Cheat-Proof Your Relationship
Staying faithful might come natural, at least at the beginning of a relationship. But in time, temptations could take over. So, as a precaution, y...
3 Reasons Couples Should Have More Sex
Having sexual encounters with your lover as often as possible is always a great idea to maintain an interesting relationship for both of you. But ...
These Are The Keys To A Sexier Relationship
Some couples have a more intense and exciting sex life than others, which no one really understands. Contrary to popular belief, it's not about mak...
3 Non-negotiable Things during Sex
Sex is an activity that requires two people to come together. But what if both partners want different things? It can be hard to decide between a ...
How to choose a partner for threesomes
Deciding to have a threesome is an important step that can bring many benefits to your relationship. But to make the most out of such an experien...
Tips to First Time Sex with a New Partner
Starting a relationship with a new partner is a wonderful thing. At this point, the butterflies in your stomachs are very much alive. Your adrenaline is very high that the first time you become intimate with each other is usually as thrilling as it is nerve-wracking. No, that is not a bad thing—this is a new process for you and it will be all about finding out what works for you and what doesn’t.
Why Couples Should Try Verbal Humiliation Once In A While
Among all of the fetishes and fantasies you can try with your lover, verbal humiliation is one of the most intense and exciting. The first form of this fetish is dirty talk. By the time both you and your lover get used to it, you can upgrade to verbal humiliation and even combine it with different other fetishes.
Top Signs You’re Dating a Foot Fetishist
Foot fetishes are so common nowadays. In fact, your chances of dating a man who gets turned on by your sexy feet are extremely high. It hasn’t happened to you so far? Well, it might happen soon enough especially if you are available for new dates. Although, some guys might are not so open about being into such a fetish at first.
Top 3 Benefits of Having an Open Relationship
Nowadays, couples come in many forms and with different values depending on the two partners involved in the intimate relationship. The development of the sex industry has had a positive impact on sexual diversity worldwide.
3 Ways to Keep Sex Alive in Your Marriage
The risk of falling into an unsatisfying sex routine with your soulmate after more than a couple of years together is high. It might even damage your entire love story. The poor quality of your sexual experiences as a couple can become a serious issue and give rise to frustration. Worse, it could lead to one partner having a sexual affair outside of the relationship.
Best Ways to Keep Him Interested in You
If you want to get a guy’s attention you should definitely take into account the following tips to help you out. Perhaps, more importantly you want to keep his attention once you have captured it.
Must Try Sexual Fetishes for Long Term Couples
Some couples tend to fall into a sexual routine over the years. It is never a good thing for your relationship and so you should avoid it at all costs. You might be able to see the first signs of a dull sex life beginning for you and your lover. Then again, you might not notice it until it gets to a dangerous level.
What do subs prefer: straightjackets, gags or hoods
When it comes to bondage sex toys and accessories that your submissive might like the most, things get extremely subjective. Some people prefer to go light as long as they are still beginners in terms of such sex games, while others are not afraid to dive into the most complex fetishes and sexual practices.
Top Benefits of BDSM Sex for Your Creativity
Besides all the positive sexual aspects BDSM can bring to your life and relationship, it can also have a great impact on your skills and artistic side as well. In general, kinky sex can unlock aspects of your personality and mind to develop you as an individual. It will also help you discover new dimensions of your abilities and identity.
Top Reasons to Delay Sex When Dating
Dating is hard enough as it is, so figuring out the right time to engage in a sexual relationship can make you question everything about life and everything else
3 Things You Must Know About Married Sex
Married or not, long term relationships come with a variety of challenges. Many couples struggle with their intimate moments. Yes, most of the challenges are sexual in nature. Even if sexual routine is not the only danger threatening to ruin your intimate life, it can be one of the most harmful causes.
The Pleasures of Being a Submissive
Being a submissive doesn’t always mean you need to obey your master and do everything to satisfy their desires and sexual needs. Although this is the main task a submissive should fulfill inside a BDSM relationship, if we look deeper, being a submissive holds more power and control than might appear.
How to Create Scenarios for a Romantic Night
Romantic nights are always welcomed and beneficial for all couples. Indeed, such occasions increase intimacy and help maintain the emotional balance between partners. It also helps sustain the high level of sex drive important for long-term relationships.
Sex and Expectations in the Dating World
The dating world can be as ferocious as the wild animal kingdom: unexpected, weird and ruthless. Sadly, our society has completely engrained a set of rules in our minds about dating and sex since the dawn of the time.
What to Expect in a Dominant-Submissive Relationship
In the culture of BDSM, the relationship between dominant and submissive is usually maintained through certain rules or protocols. These rules reinforce the status and role of each participant.
Only You are Responsible for Your Life Choices and Sexuality
It happens to the best of us. You meet the lover of your dreams. You believe he or she is the best person you have ever met. You immediately fall hard and end up in a whirlwind relationship.
Why Is It Important To Let Your Partner Know What You Like
Delicious sex becomes even more delicious if you and your partner are on the same – sexual, if not kinky – page. Different sexual strokes work for different folks.
How to Inspire Positive Sexuality in Your Relationship
I wonder if you’ve been to what I’ve been through. When I was growing up, sex or even the mention of it, was so frowned upon I actually felt embarrassed to even say the word. Back then, it was popular notion that ‘sex’ wasn’t supposed to be said, especially by girls or women.
Why Love is Important with BDSM - and How it Inspires Love
Don’t think that just because I’m deep into the BDSM lifestyle, love has no place in it. Oh honey, if this is what you believe, you are sadly mistaken.

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