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Talk About Sex and Relationships

The Secret of Long Term Sexual Satisfaction
Here are some tips and tricks that will help you maintain a long-term sexual satisfaction and not fall into the most popular mistakes that lead to harming your intimate relationship!
The Science of Cheating
Cheating is probably the biggest challenge for a relationship and it is even harder to avoid when your relationship doesn’t fulfil all your fantasies. A lack of sexual satisfaction facilitates affairs outside your official relationship and without fixing the root problem these affairs can be inevitable.
Sex Toys for Both You and Your Partner
While you can find a variety of sex toys to use during your sessions of masturbation and during your intense sexual encounters with your lover, most of them tend to be for men or for women. But there are also some sex toys and accessories that can be unisex and not gender orientated, and satisfy both of you at the same time.
Sex Toys for Married Couples
Married couples might struggle with their sexual life and especially the excitement part of it. They might not be so open to find new ways to satisfy each other and fall into some sort of sexual routine which is never a good way to maintain a happy and healthy relationship.
Sex Talks Couples Must Have
Communication is the key to a happy and healthy relationship and while we might find it easy to talk about many things, our sex life is better dealt with actions than words.
Sex Problems that You Should Talk About with Your Partner
When it comes to sex, couples prefer actions to words and this is totally understandable if we think about how hot can sexual encounters be. And they can get even hotter with all the new fetishes and fantasies that are developed constantly and supported by a wide variety of sex toys and accessories.
Rules of Safe Sex that You Should Know!
Sex is a big part of our lives and it should be treated with the importance and attention that it deserves. A great sex life makes for a better life in all its aspects and pleasure is not the only thing that should be in our mind when we analyze our sex life!
Orgies, Dos or Don'ts?
Orgies can be extremely hot, if you are sexually open for them and there are many positive aspects that come along with such an experience. One can engage in such an experience alone or as a couple and it can develop their own sexuality as well as the future sexual experiences within their relationship. 
Online Dating and Cybersex Tips
Nowadays, online dating is a lot more popular than real life dating and that is due to several reasons that can facilitate such experiences. For once, it is faster than real dating and it requires zero financial investment which is a great benefit for most of us. 
3 Best BDSM Scenarios for Make-up Sex
All couples go through difficult moments, arguments or even fights. So nothing is unusual about such unpleasant events in any relationship. However, once the spirits calm down and love wins again, another thing helps make the reconciliation worth it: the make-up sex! If you and your partner are into BDSM, make-up sex is the best one to consider among all the fetishes this community has to offer its practitioners.
Little Known Ways BDSM Boost Intimacy
BDSM can bring your personal relationship and your sexual life to higher levels of excitement and satisfaction but that is not all it does to you. As soon as you join the BDSM community it is hard to ignore the lack of boundaries that it has, except the ones that you establish for yourself, of course, which are subjective to each BDSM enthusiast.
How can BDSM Impact the Trust Level in Your Relationship
BDSM enthusiasts experience a lot of benefits once they dive into the amazing world of BDSM practices and fetishes but they are not all sexual benefits. Sometimes, the best effect that a BDSM sexual encounter can have is on your daily intimate relationship with your lover and not many sexual practices can help you improve that so significantly.
3 Essential Rules of the Cheating Roleplay
Cheating might not seem like the type of fetish or fantasy you are into. Then, maybe it’s because you never experienced its full potential. No, we are not talking about actually having a sexual affair with someone else behind your partners back.
Is Sex a Must for a Happy Relationship?
This might seem like a rhetoric question but on second look, it is not so. There are many factors that contribute to a happy and healthy relationship and some of them make up for the lack of others. However, it is hard to make up for a lack of sex more than on a temporary period of time. While a relationship goes through more or less passionate phases, sex is definitely not something that should be missing permanently.
How Long Should Sex Last?
Sexual encounters are of many kinds and split into a variety of fetishes and individual preferences. Some couples prefer shorter sexual scenes whi...
Why You Should Have Sex with Lights On
Do you turn off the lights before you get naked and dive into an intense sexual encounter with your lover? If so, you might be missing out on some exciting aspects that could benefit your sex life significantly! Studies show that most couple have sexual encounters with the lights off and that is due to a lack of self-confidence for one or both partners as well as to a certain level of security.
Monogamy vs. Polygamy: Which Relationship Type is Right for You?
When it comes to relationships, many of us find ourselves trying to decide between monogamy and polygamy. Monogamous relationships involve two people who are devoted to one another, while polygamous relationships involve multiple partners, who may or may not have committed to each other.
Aftercare for Couples: Why It's Important for a Happy and Healthy Sex Life
Aftercare is an essential part of a healthy and happy sex life for couples. It involves the care, attention, and support that is given to both partners after engaging in sexual activities. Aftercare can involve both physical and emotional components, such as cuddling, talking, or simply lying together.
Worst Sex Tips You Can Get
When you are trying to spice things up in the bedroom and get your sex life to be even more exciting than before, you might run into good sex tips as well as bad ones. And as a beginner, telling the difference between the two doesn’t always come naturally, especially when you are curios to try them all.
Why You Need an Orgasm Every Day
Orgasms are great for so many reasons but most of us don’t make them a priority because our life tends to be too busy to put that on our daily “To do” list. But this is not an attitude that works in our advantage at all!
Why Some Married Couples Stop Having Sex
Marriage is not easy, especially after the first years are gone and the enthusiasm is fading. This doesn’t mean the love between the two partners is fading as well, but the passion might come and go in many phases during the years of marriage.
Why Morning Sex is So Hot
Morning sex is one of the most pleasant ways to start your day, even better than coffee! It might be hard to explain why morning sex can be so excited to both you and your partner, but there are certain reasons that will show you what are the secrets of those intense orgasms that you enjoy when the sun is rising!
Why Mature Women Want More Sex
Sex gets better with age and there no time limit to enjoy it, against social myths that might promote otherwise. Our human nature is open to enjoy different sexual fetishes and fantasies every time the occasion appears and only our personal limitations prevent us from staying in touch with our sexuality at such a complex level.
Why is Swinging So Fascinating
When it comes to bondage styles and accessories, swinging is an intense one and a very erotic practice as well. It has many advantages and it can generate exciting orgasms for both partners involved in the BDSM scene. Even if it is related to suspension bondage, swinging is not quite the same. But it can definitely be just as intense as an edge play of suspension bondage if it is done correctly.

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