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Sex Toys for Married Couples

Married couples might struggle with their sexual life and especially the excitement part of it. They might not be so open to find new ways to satisfy each other and fall into some sort of sexual routine which is never a good way to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. No matter how busy you two are and how many habits you create together, breaking them with an amazing sexual encounter at least every now and then can be the key to your sexual satisfaction and can even avoid some sexual affairs with other people that will only damage your intimate relationship. Luckily, there are some sex toys that you can use to break this routine and spice things up inside your bedroom and it is important to do that for each other but also for yourself.

1. Masturbators

Might be hard to believe but married couples masturbate as well. Just because you have a constant sexual partner that you meet with very night, it doesn’t matter that you will not need and enjoy your masturbation sessions. And you should enjoy them for all their health benefits but also for the sexual benefits that they bring to your relationship. And the market offers a variety of masturbators for both men and women, to use for those moments when you want to give yourself some pleasure. You can try everything from penis pumps to dildos and orgasm belts and even add a pair of nipple clamps to the entire experience to make it even more intense. When you are masturbation you can use all the sexual stimulation in the world so there is no need to limit yourself at just using one toy or another.

2. Electro stimulating devices

When you don’t know what kind of toys to add to your sexual encounters with your spouse, electro stimulating devices is a category of sex toys that brings you a lot of options. Adding such toys doesn’t mean that your partner isn’t enough, so make sure you don’t fall in that misconception which only makes you limit your sex life and the growth of your relationship. Using sex toys and accessories is important in order to discover new aspects of your sexuality and be able to share them with your partner better and in a more exciting and intense way. And your lover will be more than happy to join you in this sexual adventure and they will have these amazing orgasms that will make them look forward to coming home to you and experience such amazing sensations.

3. Impact play toys

Impact play might be a fetish that is specific to the BDSM community, but even if you are not a BDSM practitioner this doesn’t mean that you will not be able to add a paddle to the sex scene that you have with your partner. Spanking your spouse every now and then can be a great form of sexual stimulation and you can even use whips or floggers during such an intense foreplay. You can surprise your spouse with such a practice or you can talk to them about it and see where they stand when it comes to impact play sexual scenes. Who knows, maybe bondage scenes will become your new fetishes and fantasies and you will find new ways to sexually satisfy yourself while you engage in an amazing sexual encounter with your partner. You never know until you try.

Marriage doesn’t mean the end to sexual adventures, even if society might suggest such a misconception. When you have a constant partner that you can engage in sex scenes with on a regular basis, you will have more chances to experience new levels of your sexuality and find new ways to please each other. The degree of comfort that a married couple shares can be in their benefit or it can work against them and this is up to you!

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