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Sex Toys for Both You and Your Partner

While you can find a variety of sex toys to use during your sessions of masturbation and during your intense sexual encounters with your lover, most of them tend to be for men or for women. But there are also some sex toys and accessories that can be unisex and not gender orientated, and satisfy both of you at the same time. Those are the ones that you should definitely have in your sexual arsenal if you want to engage into some complex and satisfying sex scenes! Plus, it will save you some investment in the future since you can enjoy the same sex box together. Let’s see what are the most common sex toys that you can use with your partner and reach incredible and intense climaxes!

1. Nipple clamps

At a first sight, you might think that nipple clamps are toys only for girls to enjoy, but it is time for you to find out that men are into nipple stimulators just as much. Or at least, some men do enjoy them. While breast bondage is not necessarily a common practice that both of you can enjoy, stimulating each other’s nipples is definitely a good idea to try out during your next sexual encounter. Especially if the man in the couple is into sissy practices, this will be an appropriate toy to have around. Along with other sissy toys such as collars for instance. So, next time you purchase a pair of nipple clamps, consider that both of you might be into them just as much and take advantage of all the sexual stimulation that you can get out of such an amazing sex toy.

2. Anal plugs

Anal plugs, butt plugs and even prostate stimulators are unisex toys. Yes, women don’t have a prostate to stimulate per say, but that doesn’t stop them from enjoying a prostate stimulator like they would enjoy any other butt plug. And these types of anal toys can open the door for so many sexual fetishes and fantasies that you and your partner will stay busy for quite some time. It might take a while until you find a common butt plug that you both like, but is definitely worth it. And some of the aspects that you need to consider is size. What is comfortable for you, might not necessarily be comfortable for your partner and vice versa. So, you might end up changing your anal toys a lot until you find the ones that you most like but have fun doing so and get to experience new sides of your sexuality through it!

3. Bondage accessories

Bondage accessories are, by definition, universal. Everyone can use them, and any couple can get a thrill out of them regardless to their genders and sexual orientations. The most common bondage toys and accessories are also the most unisex ones such as rope or bondage tape. You can use these regardless to your size or gender and you can get creative with them as much as your imagination allows you to. These are also the most flexible accessories that you can find because you can use them in a variety of ways and sexual encounters, even if you are not a BDSM enthusiast. So, having some of these bondage accessories in your bedroom might always come handy, especially for those intense nights when things get more exciting and hot than you are used to. And all couples have one of those kinky nights every now and then so be prepared for when it happens!

Feel free to discover more unisex sex toys and accessories that you can use in common with your partner and create an amazing sexual arsenal that will spice things up every time you need a twist in the bedroom! It will be a nice journey to start with your lover and it can help your relationship tremendously on the long run.

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