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The Science of Cheating

Cheating is probably the biggest challenge for a relationship and it is even harder to avoid when your relationship doesn’t fulfil all your fantasies. A lack of sexual satisfaction facilitates affairs outside your official relationship and without fixing the root problem these affairs can be inevitable. So, what counts the most is to take care of our intimacy and make sure to express our fantasies if we want to have a faithful partner and less temptations for us as well. Bottom line, we have to remember that cheating can be normal and even part of human nature which, according to some, it is not meant to be monogamous. But when we do cheat, what do we look for? This is what we will focus on in the next lines.

1. The desire for something new

Many times, we have affairs simply because we want to have a new experience. The mystery and the excitement that comes with a new sexual partner are hard to replace and find in a relationship that is a few years old. Plus, you might want to see if other people still consider you to be as sexy as you wish or as sexy as your partner assures you to be. All these reasons and aspects might materialize in having an affair or a one night stand. As long as you use this experience and grow through it, it is going to be a beneficial one for you. And since you are going to have a sexual encounter with someone other than your partner, make the best of it and release the natural inhibitions.

2. Fulfilling a fantasy or a new fetish

If you recently discovered that you want to try a new fetish, or if your partner doesn’t share your sexual fantasies, cheating might come as a natural response to your problem. Many people who get interested in BDSM fetishes like bondage or spanking or orgasm control sexual games, are afraid to share their new fantasies with their loved ones and they look somewhere else to fulfil them. Or, they do find the courage to express their fantasies but their partners don’t agree with them and don’t want to have such sexual experiences. Instead of convincing them of how intense and exciting such a BDSM sex scene can be, going to someone else who is already on the same page with you tends to be easier and even more exciting since you will share this new sexual experience with a person that you are not familiar with.

3. Discovering our sexual limits and trying to overcome them

Having an affair is a great occasion to discover and overcome your sexual limits. Maybe you can’t push the sexual encounters so much with your partner because you are afraid of what they might thing or what effects might have on your relationship in the future. Especially if you are into extreme BDSM play such as edge play which is not so easy to dive into for a beginner. However, when you are with a person that doesn’t represent an emotional connection for you, it will be so much easier to express your sexual desires and release your fears! And, if the experience turns out to be a great one, you can also find ways to share it with your partner since you will know exactly what it is about and how to lead them there.

In the light of the three cases above, cheating is not something that should be condemned right away, at least not before understanding the root problem and the reasons that led to this kind of behaviour. It is important to stay honest with your partner as much as you can and try to reach the sexual satisfaction that you need with them before anyone else. But for moments when this is not an easy job, cheating might give you some answers and new perspectives on sexuality all together!

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