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3 New Hot Sex Tips for Married Couples

The risk of falling into an unsatisfying sex routine with your soul mate after more than a couple of years together is great. It can even damage your entire love story. The poor quality of your sexual experiences as a couple can become a serious issue and give rise to frustration. Worse, it could lead to one partner having a sexual affair with other people outside of the relationship. If you think you don’t have the time to invest in your sexual life anymore, well, think again. Time is not the only basis for a good intimate experience but imagination as well. You have to pay attention to the obvious signs and do your best to spice things up in the bedroom. Once you have identified the cause of your sexual routine then it is time to embark on some intense adventure to help you and your partner discover new ways to reach an orgasm. Here are some ideas to save you a lot of research and spare you the guess work when it comes to surprising your partner in the bedroom!

1. Experiment

You might need to try a lot of new sexual fetishes and fantasies before finding out what completely satisfies you and your lover. During your sexual experiments, be sure to keep an open mind and to let go of your inhibitions so you can discover new aspects of your sexuality. You might want to consider trying out new sexual toys and accessories such as butt plugs, electro stimulating devices or nipples clamps. All these will increase your sexual pleasure and satisfaction and turn your partner on in many ways. You can also try various fetishes if you would like to play around with a little during your sexual encounters. Wear the right costume during roleplays to enjoy and make your sex scenes as realistic as possible. It is also a good idea to be spontaneous and surprise your partner with a new and exciting sexual encounter on your next date night.

2. Have a threesome

Having a guest inside your bedroom is not for all couples. Partners tend to be afraid to share their intimate life with someone else because they feel insecure and are even afraid to lose each other. But it might be just what you need. So, the best thing you can do is to overcome your insecurities and give this experience a try. The first decision you have to make is what kind of threesome you want to have. You can share your bedroom with another man or woman depending on your sexual preferences. Remember to talk things through with your long term partner. It would also be better to invite someone into your bedroom who is not a complete stranger. So, you feel more comfortable to discuss on valuable aspects such as safety, trust and good communication before getting started. During your threesome you might come across new sexual practices you haven’t tried before. Afterward, use them to develop your own sexuality to reach new levels of pleasure and satisfaction. Remember to use protection when you have sexual encounters with a new partner to avoid unfortunate consequences.

3. Share your fantasies

One of the reasons why married couples tend to grow apart when it comes to their sexual life is a lack of communication about each other’s fantasies and fetishes. Remember a marriage is a long-term contract and people tend to change along the years and discover new levels of their sexuality. But partners are not always open to sharing this with one another. If you keep your new fantasies to yourself then you could damage your marriage without intending to. So don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you really want to try. It could be a new experience such as anal sex, or a different type of role play involving costumes and accessories to make the experience more realistic. Being open with your spouse will show them just how much they mean to you and will make them feel more appreciated because you want them to be part of your fantasies.

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