3 Reasons to Want an Open Relationship

Nowadays, couples come in many forms and with different values depending on the two partners involved in the intimate relationship. The development of the sex industry has had a positive impact on sexual diversity worldwide. Moreover, it has encouraged people to explore their sexuality further. The LGBT community has developed as well and everyone with all sorts of sexual preferences can find their satisfaction and enjoy amazing orgasms. But the best type of relationship of all seems to be the open relationship. Contrary to what many believe, an open relationship doesn’t mean or imply a lack of commitment between the two partners (or more) involved in it. In truth, an open relationship is the best environment when you want to discover new dimensions of your sexuality and enjoy new experiences also. If you have never gotten involved in such a relationship, here are the main advantages you might be missing out on!

1. Less pressure

An open relationship typically means less pressure for both partners involved. If you are in such a relationship, you have the freedom to have sexual encounters with other people besides your constant partner. The commitment between you and your lover encourages you to admit to it. This honesty makes it a lot different than cheating. You are not pressured to be monogamous unless you feel like it. Such a relationship will also strengthen your connection with your partner in the long run since you will learn to appreciate each other more. So, it can help you have a healthy and satisfying sex life to share with your loved one yet offers a great way to release stress as well. As controversial as this type of intimate relationship is, no one can deny it has obvious benefits!

2. You get to experience more fetishes

The fun part of being in an open relationship is when you get to experience new fetishes and fantasies. You can do it with or without your partner involved in the sex scene. If you have always wondered what it is like to be dominated in bed, you can find plenty of dominants to enjoy this BDSM fetish with. If you wanted to try anal sex but your partner is not really into it, you are certain to find someone out who will enjoy the fetish with you. But the best types of fetishes are the ones involving you and your lover. You can have an intense threesome and experience new levels of your sexual pleasure together with the help of a new guest in your bedroom. In such a relationship, your sex life can go as far as your imagination can. Hence, there are no limits to what you can experience. As long as you keep a good communication with your partner, you will have a lasting and healthy relationship and both of you will benefit from your sexual experiences!

3. Play with new sex toys and accessories

One of the great advantages of an open relationship is the opportunity to enjoy more sex toys and accessories. When you add a guest to the bedroom, they come with different sexual desires and their own arsenal as well. You might learn to use and appreciate new sex toys like electro stimulating devices, butt plug or even chastity belts. Sexual diversity makes for a better and healthier relationship to satisfy all your needs.

An open relationship creates just the right environment to experiment with new sex games in the bedroom or even in public places according to your preferences and fantasies! Keep an open mind and don’t set limits on your body! When you do, you and your partner will develop a complex and healthy sex life together!

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