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Worst Sex Tips You Can Get

When you are trying to spice things up in the bedroom and get your sex life to be even more exciting than before, you might run into good sex tips as well as bad ones. And as a beginner, telling the difference between the two doesn’t always come naturally, especially when you are curios to try them all. But you know curiosity killed the cat and there are certain things that you should definitely consider trying and others that you should skip simply because they will bring no benefits to your sexual encounters, on the contrary! Let’s see what are some of the most common bad sex tips that you might come across either online or while talking with your closest friends and why you shouldn’t apply them inside your bedroom!

1. Have sex after workout

Both workout and a constant and satisfying sex life have their benefits for your health in more than one aspect. But if someone told you to have an intense sexual encounter after you burned a lot of calories, you might want to think again. After workout, your body will be tired for obvious reasons and the best thing you can do is a shower. You will not have the energy to perform a complex sexual encounter and you will only build up some unnecessary frustration on the long run. The only thing that you can try if you happen to be excited after workout, is a short masturbation. And you can do that while you enjoy your shower, especially if you have one of the waterproof vibrators or dildos.

2. Wear a wet t-shirt before sex

While women wearing a wet t-shit or in general wet clothes, might be considered sexy by most men, that doesn’t mean you should take it literally. Wearing a wet t-shirt in bed can be a very bad idea and actually a turn off, because it will have the opposite effect of what you are expecting from it. It is great to get both of you sweating during an intense and passionate sexual encounter but bringing wet clothes in bed will only give you chills that you don’t need during sexual stimulation and intercourse. But if you want to turn your lover on by wearing a wet t-shirt so that can see your hard nipples through it, make sure to take it off before you get between the sheets. A naked body will always be a bigger turn on than one covered with some soaked clothes.

3. Surprise your partner with anal stimulation

Anal stimulation is extremely hot for many couples and people of all genders and sexual orientation. You can incorporate anal stimulation and intercourse in a variety of sexual encounters from the very soft ones to the most intense BDSM ones and even edge play. But if you never tried it before or your partner never had such a sexual stimulation, surprising them with a big anal plug during intercourse or foreplay might change the course of events for the worst. Anal play is a gradual experience and it takes some time until your partner will get to enjoy such a sexual practice. You can start by stimulating them using your fingers and add more stimulation if they seem to enjoy it. But don’t just surprise them with anal intercourse or anal stimulation out of the blue when they less expect it or you might create a trauma! Feel free to surprise them with a pair of nipple clamps if you have to introduce something new to your sexual encounters and they will be more than thankful for it since most people like nipple stimulation and breast bondage.

In time you will know how to differentiate the bad sex tips from the good ones but ultimately, it comes down to what you and your partner like to experience during your sexual encounters. Make sure you follow your sexual desires and fetishes in order to reach more intense levels of sexual pleasure and satisfaction and you will discover your own sexual secrets to apply.

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