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Crossdressing Etiquette: Choosing the Right Wig for Your Face Shape

You know how the old saying goes: every cross dresser loves a wighaven’t heard of it? Ooops, must be only be the one who was heard it, wink*. Either way, you can’t deny that is true; it’s a staple in every cross dresser closet! But as you know, not everything looks great on everyone, so in order to better show your features, there is a wig out there that is appropriate for the face of your shape…Yes, that is a thing.

For example, if you have an oval face, most wigs will look great on you; either long or short, or straight or curly. Keep in mind your hair should highlight your best features, so be aware of any layers, bangs and the wig length and how it interacts with your features. And before you ask, “how do I know if I have an oval face?” Well, they tend to be proportionate, but probably the most important thing to recognize them is the length is equal to one and a half times the width. They also have a slimmer jaw than temple. Oh! And the hairline is round.

On the other hand, square faces are equally long as they are wide, have a square hairline (duh!) and posses a strong, square (again, duh!) jaw. Wigs that flatter this face? Hairstyles that add some height at the top of your head will help to make you look with a more balanced and long face; off-center parts, short, medium and wavy looks will soften the features. You will also want to look for wigs that are layered and stay away from long and straight wigs. Just as well, say no to center parts and cuts that end at the jaw, like a long straight bob.

Those with faces heart shaped, have wide foreheads, high cheekbones (lucky you!), and narrow chins. You want a wig that masquerades your width, so wisps of hair around the face and layered hairstyles are good. You can also look for wigs that are fuller around the jaw and close to your head on top; avoid hairstyles that have too much going on and height at the top. Unlike your square faced friends, chin length bobs look great on you and will help you look more neutral.

If you were wondering what happened if a heart shaped faced mixed with an oval face (because I just know you were wondering exactly that, wink*), you’d be the owner of a diamond shaped face. The characteristics are wider cheekbones, with jaw and forehead around the same width. In theory, your hairstyle should be close to your head, at the upper part where the face is the widest, but actually most hairstyles look great. The only thing you want to avoid is too much volume on the sides or too much height at the top.

Pear shaped faces are those that have a narrow forehead with wider jaw line and cheekbones, in companion with a round chin, basically with a distinct pear shape. Now, what you want is hair at the nape of your neck and on the sides of your head; look for hairstyles with volume above the jawline instead of layers. Bangs are good, but try to avoid anything with too much volume.

Now, my oblong faced friends, have faces that are longer than they are wide. They tend to have thing and long faces, with narrow chins and high foreheads. The perfect wig for them should be one that diminishes the vertical lines of this face type, so short and medium lengths with top layers are good. Layers with waxy texture are good, just as shoulder/chin lengths that flutter out. But stay away from long wigs because they make your face look longer. And if you like bangs, you are in luck, because they work fantastic with this facestyle (nobody can’t tell me that isn’t a word).

Round faces are as wide as they are long with rounded hairlines and chin; the widest part of them is the cheekbones. Off center parts break out the round shape, just as height at the crown (just make sure it doesn’t end at the ears) and styles that go past the chin. They key is to have layers at the top and close to your face at the bottom to create the illusion of a longer face. What should you avoid? Center parts and elements that draw attention to the chin, so no short hairstyles for you.

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