Autumn's Cross Dressing Guide: How to Blend Makeup & Stand Out

Make up is a huge part of a crossdresser. Make up has the power to create lines where there aren’t any and create illusions where angles are not there wink*. To begin with, men faces are bigger, don’t have that much cheekbones, have bigger noses and smaller lips than ladies. That is why you need make up, to transform yourself into a lovely female and to help maintain that illusion. And contouring (playing with the shadows and lights that hit your face) can help you get there in a wonderful way.

This technique can take some time to master, but it will be worth it because it can do miracles (maybe I’m exaggerating, but you get the point). You can find million of videos online that will teach you how to do it, but I can give you some tips that can help you a bit. The process is not complicated, it’s all based on application of make up; the hard part is to blend properly so it looks natural and achieves the right purpose of making you look more feminine. You will need a lighter color and a darker one, so you can get a contouring palette or a highlighter or a bronzer, alternatively. The basic about this? The highlights will highlight features and the darker shades will create the shadows. So, as I know you are dying to know how to create a smaller nose, here is how to do it:

  • First you will apply your foundation but leave out the powder (so, don’t set it). Then, you will decide how small you want it to be and mark it with lines (use an eyeliner) down your nose.
  • Then, with a brush, use a shade 1-2 darker than your natural tone and draw a line down the sides of your nose where you marked the lines.
  • Proceed to use a make up sponge and pat the sides of your nose till the shade has been blended into your foundation and has created a shadow.
  • With your lighter shade and a clean brush, draw a line down the middle of your nose. You can then blend it with a new sponge, being careful not to leave any large marks because they will make your nose look bigger.

With the rest of your face, it works the same:

Use eyeliner to mark where you want your face to be smaller and apply the darker shade. Then, highlight the features you want to highlight with the lighter shade and blend them with a sponge. When you are happy with your results, finish off with face powder.

If you want to make your lips bigger, you can draw a thin dark line underneath your bottom lip (stop before the corners) and then blend it with your foundation. Or you can line them on the outside with a lip pencil and then fill it together with your lips with some lipstick (use the same color for your lipstick and for the crayon); this will create the illusion of bigger lips. Now all you need is a long wig, a dress and some heels to have the time of your life, wink*.

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