Crossdressing Etiquette: How to Transform From a Lady to Sir

Crossdressing is not just for men, women can also enjoy this practice (like everything else in life wink*). The general principle is the same: looking like a member of the opposite sex; only the mechanics will be a bit different, considering women have a different piece of equipment, wink*.

The first thing you need to do is find some inspiration. Find what kind of guy you want to be or in whom you will base your persona. This will help you emulate style, attitude and presentations. Now, ideally you should focus on a man who kind of has a similar build to yours, just to make things easier. What I’m saying is, if you are short and stocky, it will be harder to emulate someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger or The Rock, and if you are long and lanky it will be hard to look like a Kevin James type, know what I mean? Keep in mind that whatever you choose, usually you will have to achieve a squarer look, because guys tend to be more rectangular.

You will need to flat out your chest, you can do this with a sports bra that it’s too small, a control top (you can make your own by cutting a pair of panty hose) or maybe some tape. Just remember that binding the girls for a long period of time is not a good idea (besides: pain). Men also tend to have broader shoulders, no much of a waist and slender hips, so you may want to add some padding to the shoulders and waist, to create than squarer look. This will help to balance out your hips as well.

As for the clothing, try wearing looser garments as to no show your curves. Men’s pants tend to be looser, so they will help your butt look flatter and will hide your curves. Oh! And you can also add a package; there are some dildo panties out there or with just regular socks or a stand-alone dildo.

If you thought make up had no use here, you were wrong, wink*. Make up can also help you achieve a more masculine face (usually stronger facial features). Their jawline tends to be more pronounced, their noses larger, their cheekbones are lower and their eyebrows are bushier and unkempt. If you want to add facial hear with make up, be careful because it will not look real. But you can always get a prosthetic piece of mustache or a beard. As for the hair, if it’s a permanent commitment you can cut it, if its not, tie it in a bun. If you want something intermediate, get a wig with short hair and voila! For other body hair, you can always grow out your under arm and legs hair.

You will also need to cut your nails and have no nail varnish on. Take off any jewelry you have, such as earrings, rings and necklaces. If you want to go with something, go for a men’s watch.

Usually men are more secure and dominant, so practice that out. The way you conduct yourself will be just as important as how you look. Men tend to be more aggressive; they usually don’t ask for things, they politely give instructions and commands. Their voice is deeper, not as loud as women and they tend to use a different vocabulary, so take care of those details. Men also walk slower, don’t move their hands as much and they definitely don’t sway their hips. Take confident steps and act less self aware; if a woman sits, she will probably be more aware of her body and surroundings. A man tends to occupy a lot of space and just sprawl without grace. It may take you some time to get the hang of it, but they will be calling you “sir” sooner than later, wink*.

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