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What Every Hetero Cross Dresser Should Know

Cross-dressing can come in many different versions and men do it for many different reasons. Each variation is permitted and you can find any possible combination of things. You can find homosexual men who love to cross dress or heterosexual men who like to do it. Most heterosexual men that do it will probably tell you they are comfortable in their male skin but they also feel the need to express their feminine side at the same time; other men find the thought of dressing up as women a turn on. Whatever the reason for doing it, there are some considerations you should keep in mind:

Taking care of your nether regions is hard: This is basically the first step towards getting dressed and can be quite an event (understandably so!). Most men will probably tell you it’s no so much the penis but the testicles that can give you some trouble. The thing is you can’t really put them between your thighs, so you have to put them where they were before they were dropped (probably not the prettiest image, I know). Now, it’s easier to tuck away and empty scrotum and once is tucked your testicles won’t drop down because your sack will be squeezed into your thighs and there will be no space.

This means woman’s underwear might be a bit harder to get into because the elastics usually aren’t strong enough. Many men opt to use a gaff to help things a bit to keep pressed into their bodies and not wiggling around.

Variety and diversity: For some men, wearing women’s underwear, corsets or pantyhose may be enough to satisfy that particular craving wink*. For others, the satisfaction may come from wearing a dress, having breasts and a pair of heels. Others may even need that full get up with even make up and a wig. It all will depend on the person.
    Silky smooth: Just as getting dressed may be some for some, others need the whole experience. And yes, that includes getting rid of all the body hair they feel makes them more masculine. Some will shave, others will wax, it’s a matter of choice. Women’s hair removal is a bit different because the hair is less thick and coarse, so this is a whole new process. Legs, chest, armpits, back and even the elimination of a unibrow may be in the agenda.

      Of course, that is without mentioning the beard and sideburns, of course.

      Da fit: Undergarments are a must, especially breast forms. They come in different sizes, so you can choose your breast size. As far as clothing goes, sizes may be different. For some reason (let’s blame society! Manufactures!) women’s sizes vary a lot. This means a certain brand S may not have the same measurements as another brand S. Any woman can tell you they have a variety of S, M and L’s hanging from their closet…while remaining at the same weight. So in order to get the right fit and size, you will have to experiment and try on some things.

      Now, you should keep in mind men’s bodies are different. That is why usually you will need to use a corset in order for clothes to look right. Longer sleeves tend to fall just bellow the elbow because guys have longer arms, so short sleeves are preferred.

      Maintenance: Wigs also have to be taken care of in order to extend their life. Make up has an expiry date, so you also have to look into that. As for shoes and specifically heels, you have to learn to walk on them to not fall down…and to look gracefully as well, wink*.

      Honest is better: If you are in a relationship, it’s important to be honest. Your partner or significant other should know that very important part about you. It may be hard at first to come clean, but it will be for the best; remember relationships should not be build on lies and deceptions. If you find these desires come to you after being in a committed relationship, the pressure will be extra. But the most important thing is to not have any secrets because it will be worst if they find out instead of you talking about it. This is a very important conversation to be had and a very necessary one, so make sure to have it.

      In betweeners: One of the most common conundrums heterosexual cross dressers find is they don’t feel they fit someplace. At first they may question their sexuality thinking they must be gay or bisexual and that is not always the case. A heterosexual man can enjoy cross-dressing and that is it. That’s why some men find themselves on a sort of limbo; they don’t fit with the flamboyant drag queens or with the men who want to transition into being women. It’s important for them to know they are not alone.

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