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Crossdressing Etiquette: When to Splurge and Save on Makeup Must Haves

Every cross dresser can tell you make up is a necessity for them. Make up will help you create the illusion to successfully pass as a woman, so it’s important that you get and buy some basics. The good thing? You won’t have to bankrupt yourself to get the necessary items you will use (and if you have a partner, maybe you can share wink*). As someone with experience, I’m here to tell you what you could get on the cheaper side and which ones it’s worth to invest a little more on.

To start with, a good product you will probably need to invest in, is a good moisturizer lotion because nobody wants dry skin. Besides of making you look younger and keeping your skin on great conditions, make up will look better if you have a good skin to start with.

So, once you have your lotion, the most basic product you will need is a good foundation. And as any woman can tell you, this is one of those items where you can splurge because high quality is key here. You will need a foundation that suits your skin type, matches your color, and offers you good coverage. It may take some time to find the right one for you, but it will be worth it and it’s necessary. And you will also need to buy some face powder to set everything and reduce shiny faces (no one likes that!).

You will also need eye shadow (they can be really cheap), if you can have different palettes in different tones, even better because you can create different looks. Oh! And concealer! It will not only hide any imperfections you may have, like blemishes, but also under eye circles (handy when you haven’t gotten a good night sleep, good knows why… wink*) And also, concealers help you contour the face, basically to create those lines and angles I was talking about earlier.

To finish off, you will also need to get some lipstick; it’s ideal to have several shades, basically what colors you like the best, but to start with, you will need a lighter tone and a darker shade as basics. And also, the good news about lipstick is you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on them. There are great drugstore brands out there; so the cheaper they are the more you can buy (that’s the spirit, I always say). Blush, bronzer and eyeliner, you can also buy on the cheaper side of things and mascara too. Although some will tell you expensive mascara is the best, my opinion is there are good drugstore brands out there that work the same or better than expensive and high brand ones.

And you will also need brushes. Forget about the make up applicators that come with the product, throw them out because they are awful. Do yourself a favor and buy some brushes. They will aid you in applying your make up right and looking your best, wink*. Now, a little make up will go along way and be the perfect companion to your stockings, corset, heels and wig, wink*.

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