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Learn to Walk in High Heels with Confidence!

Cross Dressing & High Heels - Learn To Walk In High Heels With Confidence!

Heels are one of the basics in every cross dresser closet, but learning how to walk around in them can be somewhat of a challenge. That is why is so important to master them properly, so keep reading to have the best tips on it wink*.

Before you go on and show your skills, you will have to consider some things: first, where will you go on your heels? Just like when you are getting dressed you have to consider where you are going to dress appropriately, heels are a part of that. Second, you will also have to consider how far you will walk on them. As any woman (or man!) who has walked a long distance in high heels can tell you, in can be incredibly painful if you are wearing the wrong pair of shoes. You may love and can properly walk in 5 inch heels around the house for some fun play time (don’t forget the corset! Wink*), but going out and walking a lot in them, may not be the best idea.

Now, having said that, before you go out or even before you start showing off your long legs on heels, take the time to practice so you can truly make the most out of your overall look. If you have never worn women’s shoes, it may be a good idea to start wearing general flat women’s shoes, just so you can familiarize with them. Suck in your belly, and try to put one foot in front of the other. This can give you a much-wanted sway of the hips, so it’s great!

When you have mastered that walk, you can experiment with heels. Now, I know you are dying to wear the highest heels possible, but it’s better to start with small heels at first. See how your balance feels and try not to loose the walk, as a matter of fact, perfect it as much as you can. As you move along and practice, you can start to wear higher heels every time. And remember, stairs need special care! And cracks in the pavement, as well. Just keep in mind that graceful women’s walk, don’t ever lose it!

Consider your calf muscles will get quite the work out; in order to properly walk, you will have to put the heel first and then the tip of your foot. Just as well, your foot arches will probably hurt, but hey, you know what they say “to be beautiful you have to suffer a bit (and I’m not talking just about waxing, wink*)”

Once you have mastered the art, you can truly show off those legs! Heels make your legs look longer and sexier, so how about wearing your favorite pair of heels with some sensual stockings? Or how about a short leather dress? Either way, I’m sure you will look beautiful. Go get them, tiger wink*.

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