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How to Do Waist Training for Crossdressing

What man doesn’t want to have a well-defined waist? Cross dressers spend a lot of time and effort trying to achieve that so looked after feminine hourglass shape. A small waist also creates the illusion of bigger hips and breasts, ideal for transforming your body into a more feminine ideal.

One the main techniques men who cross dress use is the popular waist training. If you are a pop culture fan, this is probably not the first time you hear read about this term; over the last few years it has become something very popular amongst several high profile social media stars.

But what is waist training exactly? To put it simply, is simply a method when you use a corset to reduce the size of your waist. Usually this involves a steel boned corset (this process has been around for a very long time); the idea is, over time, to cinch the waist to a point where the muscle memories start to act with the added benefit of a reduced calorie intake because the constrictions makes the stomach smaller (so you eat less/have less appetite).

Technically anyone can do it, but you sure check with your doctor first of course. Although it is said people with a lot of belly fat see more of a difference…because well, I can assume the effects will be more noticeable but that is logic speaking wink*. Overall, people who swear by this method can affirm to get about 3 to 4 inches shaved off their waists by the first 3 months of adapting a regime.

Now, you should know this is simply not a cool thing to try once. If you want to see results, you will need to go at it as if you were giving up dairy o starting a new work out. Most of the people who are into this, are really into it; this means they adopt it as a lifestyle choice (kind of like with BDSM) The other thing with waist training is, once you have reached a level you like, you can stop wearing the corset and simply control/maintain that waist size through a balanced diet and exercise.

Like I said before, you need to really apply yourself if you want to see results. To begin with, you will need to get a good corset, but that is kind of obvious I guess. The other thing you will need is time, because you can get better results if you use it a few hours everyday. This is not something like, “I’ll wear it nine hours on Monday and that is it”; like a lifestyle choice, it creates more of an impact what you do everyday than something you only do once a week.

To get better results, you also want to so light exercise, like going for a walk, and eat less. Now, that last thing may be an overstatement because the corset itself will probably limit your ability to eat normally so chances are you will end up eating smaller meals every day.

Keep in mind, those corsets made out of plastic with ribbons will not give you the same effects as a steel boned piece. When you get your corset, make sure to read the instructions. At first, you will need to break it in. This means you will wear it not too tight for about 10 days, for a few hours at a time. Afterwards, you can tighten the corset to a point it actually creates the reduction; better results are achieved when you use more than 3 hours a day.

Corsets are great to wear underneath your clothes for a quick feminine shape, but if you want something more permanent you will need to invest both time and money to get the right piece for you. So if you want to retain that waist shape without a garment, go ahead and try waist training and don’t forget to lace up wink*

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