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How to be a Sexy Cross Dressing Vixen

For all the cross dressers out there, is really important to highlight their best features. Part of this whole process is to take advantage of yourself and put your best assets on display…as a woman. In order to do this, you want to mask the features or characteristics that are more masculine at the same time you pump up the opposite ones.

There are several body features you can do this one. For instance, if you have a big booty and you show it off, the attention will be drawn to that and everything else will be secondary or people simply won’t pay much attention to it. The idea is to work with what you got in the best way possible. And you can always improve that shape with a butt shaperbut shhh

Just as well, long legs are a great feature to highlight. If you are a man with long and slender legs, consider yourself lucky and the envy of all women out there wink*. To make the best of them, you want to keep them shaved/waxed and moisturized so they look (and feel!) smooth. If that is not an option, hosiery can be super sexy as well. Make the most out them by flaunting them in dresses, skirts and shorts.

If you have a thin waist, then half the job is done. Make sure to use a corset to really highlight that shape and make sure to wear something that puts a little emphasis on the waist. A smaller waist is something most women look for…and cross dressers too wink*. If you were not that genetically blessed, don’t forget you can help the cause with some waist training and corsets. Belts usually accentuate the waist, so that is another thing you want to keep in mind.

On the other hand, good skin is something you always want to flaunt. There are several things you can do to improve your skin; keep a good cleansing routine/method adapted to your particular skin type and needs, and moisturize as well. If you have any skin problems, it’s best going to a dermatologist to help you figure out what’s wrong and how can you improve it. Oh! And don’t forget to always remove your make up when you are done playing and exfoliate as much as your skin needs it. And a face mask/facial every once in a while doesn’t hurt either wink*

On the rest of your body, the same rules apply. Moisturize every day and keep the skin on your back, legs, hands and feet exfoliated for them to be smooth as the petal of a rose.

When it comes to make up, light coverage is the best idea at all times. Cake make up doesn’t do favors for anyone, so it’s best to build on thing layers. Besides practice, when it comes to make up it’s important to use the best tones for you; that is half the job! Make sure to wear tones that match with your skin tone and colors that go with it. And remember mascara, eye shadow and blush can go a long way…and that brings me to: lipstick.

One of my favorite quotes (and by Liz Taylor, no less!) is: “pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together”. If you are having a bad day, putting a nice lipstick can make the whole difference. And if you have big lips, what better way to highlight them? Just choose your favorite color and put it on!

A great trick is to subtly line them on the outside with a pencil close to your natural skin color and then fill it in with the lipstick. Voila! Your lips will be the center of attention. Otherwise, you can line them to highlight their shape as well, really go for that Cupid’s bow. And you can always highlight them, literally, with some gloss…

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