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How to Get Started Cross Dressing

Learning and accepting you enjoy cross dressing can be somewhat difficult. If you ask most men that have been doing it for a while and have finally come to terms with it, chances are they will tell you they did it secretly for a long time before coming out.

The important thing here is to actually make that conscious decision to accept yourself when you know that cross dressing is something that you like and want to explore and do some more; there is absolutely no shame in doing any activity we enjoy, as long as we are not harming anybody else. Remember the mantra: every one is free to do with his or her own body as they please.

It is definitely a big step forward and a decision that will probably change your life, but there are only good things ahead of you, my friend. When you finally come clean with your choices, both to yourself and those particularly close to you, life will seem more brighter, the birds will be constantly singing and your coffee will never be cold (ok, maybe that last part is just fantasy wink*)

Coming clean and coming out of that cross dressing closet is beneficial for everyone. You will be able to achieve your own full potential as an individual human being; you will be able to grow and improve as a person and as result, you will be a happier human being. And hey, only the Grinch doesn’t like happy people, so is a win-win situation for everyone all around.

At first you may be scared about what the other people will say and how they will perceive you. And hey, that is completely normal and understandable; after all, it is a pretty big change in your life that will affect close relationships and other people (like your partner for instance). But trust me on this one: everyone that loves you will continue to love you; chances are they will actually be happy you are finally happy and free to live your best life or the life you really want for yourself.

Keep in mind this is a transition, and like most transitions they can take some time to finally be completed. That is why you should take it slow and never put pressure on your own self and those around you; it is a pretty big deal after all!

Probably the first aspect you should tackle is your own self-image. This includes a simple array of things like, what do you see when you look in a mirror? Are you seeing a woman? Or maybe you are seeing a man dressed as a woman instead? You nee to really know yourself and be confident in your own looks and appearance. The key here (and maybe for almost any situation) is to really own yourself and be confident about it; anyone can tell if someone is nervous and this is not an exception.

Remember being a cross dresser is completely normal and there is nothing wrong with you. Is a choice and a matter of taste, just like when someone likes being spanked, or when someone enjoys orgasm denial or when someone simply hates chocolate (ok, that one should be a cause of alarm; who doesn’t like chocolate? those people are freaks and should be checked. Is a gift for humanity wink*)

You should also take some time to really figure out what kind of woman you want to be; how this persona will act, dress and be. Take your time to experiment with clothes, learn to walk in heels, putting on make up, walk femininely, etc. This will all be part of the process…Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful transition.

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