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Crossdressing Etiquette: Boxerhose or Men's Pantyhose

It may come as a bit of a surprise here, but I have to break down the truth for ya’: men have been wearing pantyhose for a very long time. Maybe not in the context we are used to seeing it, but my point is: men have been wearing those garments for longer than you may think.

A lot of men can feel related with that sensual sensation (that alliteration sounds lovely by the way, don’t you think? Wink*) of wearing a pantyhose. And that is completely understandable…who can blame them after all? They are super sexy and feel amazing on the skin…and that in turn makes you feel extra wonderful.

The most popular material preferred by men is silk. And that is probably because, unlike most women, they don’t get the chance of experimenting how that particular material feels when it comes in contact with the skin. Real shame, if you ask me wink*. There is something very special about a man putting on pantyhose as a part of that transition to a woman; they can also be really helpful when it comes to hiding some masculine traits like hairy legs…and they also give you a nice shape around your body.

Few things are as exciting as wearing something that blurs the lines of gender and what means to be a woman or a men…mixing and walking along those gender perceived lines is definitely a thrill for a lot of people.

It is a good thing we live in the 21st century… I mean, we have electricity, heating, plumbing and cat videos…but you also want to add to that list pantyhose designed specially for men.

These pantyhoses are made specifically to target men’s bodies. Usually they are called mantyhose or even guylons (just take your pick about how you want to call them); they are designed with comfort sleeves sewn to the front so the man can have a place to put his package, for instance. This is great because this way, they don’t need to turn to the ol’ tuck.

Another popular style are the ones that have a little hole or opening on the front, just like regular boxers, in order for the men can go to the bathroom without any hassle like actually putting down the hose. I’m telling you, we are already living in the future.

This just goes on to show you men don’t necessarily have to wear female pantyhose if they don’t want to. There is a very big market out there where a man can find the exact pantyhose they want; no one has to wear something they are not really feeling if they don’t want to!

Having said that, I must mention most men prefer either black or nude pantyhose. And of course that will depend on your particular tastes, but all black pantyhose or a nude classical pair go a long way before any colored garment.

When it comes to nude pantyhose, the key for it to look natural is to wear the color that actually matches the skin color of your legs. And when you find the color that most resembles or completely matches your skin color, it is best to choose the sheerest one you can find. Keep in mind nude hosiery is like face foundation; something that looks natural on your skin and that can pass as your own skin color. And just like foundation, it may take a while to find the one that actually matches your skin color but it is worth it at the end wink*

And remember, pantyhose always look the best when you choose a pair of shoes that match the hose; this means you should only wear black pantyhose with black shoes. Having said that, nude hose gives you a wider range of options because it looks like your skin… that is the sole point wink*

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