Let Your Inner Light Shine Confidently Cross Dressing Out Into The World!

The moment when you decide to start cross dressing is a very big one. You can have those thoughts and desires since a very long time before you actually decide to take the plunge and start to do it. That can take up from months to even years, every person and individual journey it’s different.

To make things a bit more complicated, it can take even more time for those who decide to go public instead of doing it in their private time, alone or with their partners. Sometimes private cross dressers spend years dressing privately and enjoying it in the comfort of their homes and then one day they decide to go public and go out to the world.

Whether your experience is the former or the latter, it can be nerve wracking (as so many other different first times wink*). Chances are you set your mind to it and then chicken out and decide “right now maybe isn’t the best time” or “tomorrow will be better”. And will of that comes all the appearance concerns, “does my wig look good?” “Does this dress fit right?” “What if I fall in these heels?” “What will my partner think of this persona?”…

So keep in mind those doubts are normal and can take up some time to contemplate and debate about. It’s important to know that once you take the decision, ease your mind. Create a safe environment for you that will make you as comfortable as possible; if you have a partner, let them know how you feel so they can help you ease your doubts and fears for example. Otherwise, get in a positive state of mind and know that fear is normal but you are brave enough to go out there and be happy.

Make sure you look you best and are content with how you look; it will make you feel more comfortable and ease. Sometimes it helps to have a mantra or repeat words that help you out along the way. It may feel weird at first, but keep in mind after you start to repeat something many times, your mind will believe it…so better to do it with positive thoughts and emotions, rights? Wink*. Take deep breaths and be calm. Once you are already dressed and dolled up in your sexiest dress and lingerie, you only to take a few steps and reveal yourself to your partner or to the world. Those few steps will fill you with confidence and strength to go all the rest of the way. When your experience has ended, you will realize how amazing you felt showing yourself and how happy it made you feel; keep those sensations in your mind, they will come in handy when you step out for the second time, wink*.

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