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Hiding from the 5 O’clock Shadow: Remove Your Beard Cleanly for Crossdressing

A beard can be the worse thing to happen to a cross dresser… Because, let’s face it, few things can ruin the illusion of being a woman as a beard does. Getting a closed shave can it’s really important here and mastering the technique can take some time. Keep in mind, unless you have a very, very low growth speed (or have laser removal, you lucky!), you will probably need to shave every 12-14 hours. So you may want to plan ahead your plans or take necessary measures.

First, you want to have a very clean face before you shave. Wash with a gentle soap and warm water and don’t forget to moisturize! Your shaving will improve if your skin is receiving enough moisture; besides, it will look better and your make up will also glide better. In order to improve your shaving experience, you can use some pre-shave oil (it will work wonders!), it will prepare the skin and will help the razor to move smoothly against the skin.

When it comes to razors, some experts recommend less is more, wink*. So, basically, razors with fewer blades will be better. If you have sensitive skin or your skin always irritates after shaving, use one with two blades. Otherwise, use a razor with three blades. Another great tip when it comes to shaving is a simple one: warm your shaving cream/gel and let it sit on your skin for about one minute. Remember to apply the product in a circular motion in order to diminish the irritation; if you can, use a badger brush, this will pull the hairs up and will make a better shave. And you know what helps in shaving? A warm environment! So it’s better to shave after a shower when the pores are opened…or even in the shower!

As for the actual technique, start with one stroke and rinse after each one. If you feel like there’s not enough shaving lotion, don’t hesitate to add more! This is kind of like sex, things need lubrication in order to work wink*. The blades also need to be sharp to makes things easier. And always go in the direction of the hair! You don’t want ingrown hairs! To avoid getting those shaving pumps around the neck, don’t shave to close to the follicle and go in the direction of the hair, always (repeat as a mantra)

When you are done, use a good after-shave. This will help for you to get less irritation and will help to soothe the skin. A good tip? Avoid alcohol-based products. These kinds of products irritate and dry the skin, so it’s better to use products based on other ingredients. You will see the difference right away, trust me.

As a finishing touch, always remember to throw away old razors; remember they are not mean to last forever. If the blades are tugging at your hair, or you are getting nicks, it’s better to use a new one. So, change them often! And lastly, is you are having a long day, keep a rechargeable razor nearby for touch ups. The best part? You won’t need to take off your make up to get rid of that unwanted 5 o’ clock shadow.

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