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Shopping Tips for Chastity Belts & Devices

One of the most popular requests I get when it comes to female chastity belts is for one that can be locked for long-term or extended wear, even when the user needs to take a bathroom break.

Over the years, we have tried many different designs and we have also spoken with kink professionals and many wonderful bondage players and bondsters. I have to say that unfortunately, as a female, it's just not possible to have a sanitary restroom experience with a chastity belt on. Not every woman is made the same, so the positioning of the urethra is different depending on body type. If you make a hole large enough to accommodate all the possible bathroom variants, you might as well not be wearing a chastity belt at all. Your best bet is for removal of the chastity during regular bathroom breaks.

Think of it this way: you can train your bondage slave with their chastity belt or device to wait for bathroom breaks until your say so. Talk about having the ultimate power!

If you have your heart set on a sexy, more severe locking bondage chastity belts or male chastity devices, which are also known as cock cages, I've listed just a few of them here (just make sure you have access to the keys for those bathroom emergencies!) :

The Held For Ransom Locking Zippered Chastity Belt - what I like about this one is that it zips and locks in two places - very convenient yet also restrictive. - great place to find a great beginner model, simple and sweet. It can be locked and is relatively inexpensive.

Naughty Girl Chastity - this one is great because it not only locks but can also be adjusted to your liking. It is very comfortable for chastity because the crotch strap widens through the pubic area then narrows between the legs, ensuring comfort and ease of wear. It widens again in back for the anal area, keeping you chaste in every respect!

Absolute Slut Chastity - now this is for when you've been especially naughty and need a little physical restraint to help you exercise mental restraint. You can attach a pair of wrist cuffs to the thigh cuffs – great for keeping subs from masturbating without permission!

Another option is to begin with a plain buckling chastity belt and work your way up to a locking chastity belt. Remember, the training is more than half the fun!

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CB-2000 Chastity

You men are so lucky! You have a much easier time keeping your chastity on for as long as you want/need it!

If you want long term chastity, be sure to try the CB-2000 Chastity. It has gotten absolutely amazing reviews from many male sub friends. It is beauty and functionality all wrapped into one. If you are more daring, absolutely throw away the key when you try it. I have a friend who has been in his for over a month now. He is very active, goes to the gym a lot and says it is actually very comfortable for long term use!

For a shorter term chastity (or if you want to hand the keys over to your lover to unlock you) here are my recommendations from some very savvy and knowledgeable male sub friends. (After all, what do I know about male chastity? I go to the source for you! *g*)

Guardian Locking Male Chastity – this one is comfortable, especially because it comes around the backside and has a sexy leather jock strap feeling. I liked the extra locks (5!) on it because it felt more severe without losing the comfort. As a plus, you can add on the Snap-on Butt Plug for Harnesses with most of the chastity belts for a wilder time. To see if you can add it on t your chastity belt, just make sure that you have a strap in the middle that you can snap it around.

Deluxe Male Chastity Harness – this is soft and yet severe at the same time. (Don't even think about getting too hard in this one – Mistress will buckle it down on you more). It also has different buckle levels for your erection/flaccid stage. The adjustability of it makes it more exciting. As always, the butt plug that is included with it adds a little something special, and you can always snap it off if it's not your thing.

Metal Ring Locking Cock Cage – you can tell a guy designed this because it was made to fit the penis well. It is adjustable, severe, yet oddly comfortable for something made of steel rings and leather. The low end price is amazing, considering its high end quality. For the price, you can't go wrong. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone starting out in chastity. It's a good beginner cage but it won't frustrate you with being too much too soon.

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