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The Best Choices for Female Chastity Devices

Chastity devices create a complete new world of sexual experiences. If you haven’t tried it yet, well, you probably should. They are a big hit among the BDSM enthusiasts and they can easily be part of a multitude of BDSM scenes. Dominants and submissive partners all over the world love to play chastity games. The biggest variety of toys and accessories for these games is dedicated to women. So, let’s see what are the best options when it comes to female chastity devices and how can you enrich your sexual life by using them!

1. Chastity belts

Female chastity belts come in a wide range of materials, colors and styles. There are chastity belts with dildos and butt plugs attached. You can also get one with a lock or one you can use as a harness for the genitalia. In any case, they all serve one purpose, to control the girl’s orgasms! Those with dildos or butt plugs attached are great if you want your girl to be stimulated always while she is wearing the magic belt then have her beg for release. In doing so, you will be able to enjoy all her exciting reactions and feel in control of her sexual satisfaction. Then again, you can choose a chastity belt with big plugs attached and use it as a form of punishment. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with these amazing devices!

2. Chastity sets

Chastity sets focus on the entire female body…well, almost. They include a body harness and sometimes, they can include bondage accessories, like for breast bondage. They can also have cuffs attached for both the hands and legs to create an intense stimulation like spanking or whipping. So, what dominant wouldn’t want a bondage harness and a chastity belt in the same set? Some chastity sets come with training corsets and detachable restraints. These might be a good choice for beginners who are just diving into the chastity kind of sex play. Over time, you will probably learn to use these accessories in an extreme way as well. Some locking chastity belts you can tie to the thighs by using special types of cuffs. Usually, these have the slave’s arms also tied to their body so they have minimal control over their own sexuality. No doubt, a dream come true for any dominant who loves to be in complete control of their submissive female partner!

3. Chastity plates

Chastity plates are not so popular but only because they are new on the market compared to the rest of the chastity accessories and devices. However, these amazing plates can do miracles for your submissive partner and can please you in ways you haven’t imagined yet! First, they are discreet, which makes them extra exciting. They are made of steel and usually come with a nice anal plug you can barely see but it will stimulate your slave immensely. They are perfect to wear under outfits and even out in public. Some dominants love to know their slaves are stimulated in public by a secret weapon they are wearing called a chastity plate or even a chastity belt. If you choose the right item, many styles of clothes can cover it. So, imagine yourself holding hands with your slave on the street while they can barely hold back their desire to orgasm!

These are the basic chastity devices and accessories for women. But you can always add your own accessories to the sex scene to make it more intense and interesting! Use your imagination and talk with your partner to see what excites her. Remember, both of you have to enjoy the experience, even if the satisfaction will be different for each one. Even so, you will have plenty of fun times with your submissive lover once you get into chastity games. Your sex life will never be the same! Always keep an open mind while you play with these accessories and don’t let your inhibitions deny you some ecstatic sexual pleasure!

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