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Best Ways to Practice Female Chastity & Orgasm Denial

Orgasm denial it’s a great way to keep your partner on her toes. It’s really easy to practice, because it only takes a little imagination and some willpower, wink*. Basically it consists on arousing your partner but never allowing her to come, just endlessly teasing and denying that so much needed orgasm…yes, delicious torture at its purest form wink*. Now, some people take it further than one session, so they can forbid their partner to come for two days, a week or even months, depending on much of a torturer you are, of course wink*.

Needless to say, not being allowed to come for long periods of time can create some very special and interesting situations in a person. Usually, it results in being perpetually aroused and increased sexual appetite, so all good things. But in order for it to work the best, you will need to give your partner some sort of sexual activity; ideally it’s something that keeps them very close to climaxing, but of course you will not allow them to actually get there.

A good place to start with this method is to choose a time and place where there’s no rush and you two can take some time to enjoy themselves. Start by leading your partner to a room and let them know they can’t achieve climax no matter what; be very clear about the fact they can’t orgasm. You can use some physical or psychological control in order to make them understand, that’s part of the fun. Slowly undress them, put them in a position where they are sexually available and cuff or tie them down, as you prefer wink*…and put a pillow underneath their hips for better access! Remind them no matter what happens, they can’t come until you say so and tell them to inform you if they are close to achieving orgasm. You can then proceed to torture them and have your wicked way with them until you want them to cum…or have fun and leave them hanging wink*.

If you want to take orgasm denial to the next level, try a chastity device. If you want to do something more long term they are perfect; nothing like sending them to work with a chastity belt underneath their clothes knowing the teasing that will come (not them…unless they are lucky wink*) when they get home. The idea will be for them to earn their way out of it; how, it will be your call. You can make them earn points; depending on what activity they perform. For instance, they will be allowed out when they get to 20 points. Some activities you can include are blow jobs, 3 points; oil massage, 1 point; folding the laundry, 2 points; doing the dishes, 3 points, and so on. You will add the activities and will assign the points you’d like for each one.

An alternative to the one above is to simply make them perform certain acts in order for you to release them. You can vary those activities as you like, so you can say 3 blow jobs and a massage today but tomorrow it will be doing the dishes, for instance. Or you can simply do it with number of orgasms: they will have to give you _____ orgasms for you to release them. Either game or method you choose, I’m confident you will have fun…

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