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Submission & Feminism: Can You Have Both?

Many will look at this title, tilt their head and have an inquisitive expression on their face as they try to figure out exactly what they are seeing. It's the same reaction I get when I see a Taylor Swift video. That is because you are looking at it from a perspective that says it is not possible to intertwine the idea of being submissive and the idea of being a feminist. I hate to be the one to inform you, but you are wrong.

The reason that people tend to believe that submission doesn't allow for feminism is because they are looking at one or both of those things in the wrong way. When you have an unclear definition of the things you are discussing, it is easy to also have an inaccurate viewpoint about their place in the world.

To many, being submissive is the equivalent of being a doormat to a man. It is the idea that you believe in some way that women are not equal and should live to serve their man. While Master would love that out of me, he knows there's no way in hell that it will ever happen. Do I attend to his needs? Absolutely. I'm a loving and attentive partner. Am I willing to obey him and serve him in the bedroom? No doubt about it. But the rest of the time I will continue to be myself whether he is okay with that idea or not.

Submission isn't about giving up my own identity. It is about blending with him in a different way. I am not a doormat to him. I love him. I honor him. I choose to be the submissive partner because it is who I am inside.

Feminism is originally about a woman having the same legal rights as a man. I am not against that idea in the slightest. I am also okay with women choosing to be the dominant partner. I am okay with women holding typically male jobs. I am okay with women running the show.

That is why I am a feminist at heart. If I were not, I would want times to go back to where I would not be allowed to write these amazing articles. I would be expected to cook and clean and tend to kids. If anyone knows me, they are aware that some of that just isn't going to happen.

The difference between me and what others view as feminism is that I do not choose to do many of those things that are equated with the idea. I do not want to work in a predominantly male job. I do not wish to be dominant. I do not wish to always run the show. I am happy with the way my life works and the choices that I make. Especially if that means that I can make Master cook or order pizza. Because that part of the world I can live without.

Some subs actually do all of those things. They work high stress, high profile jobs typically reserved for males. They run their own business and their home. They fight for women's rights on a regular basis. And when they are with their partner, they submit. It's a different environment for them and one that gives them balance.

The reason this topic bothers me so much is the implication that submissive lack brains and opinions. It is the idea that they are unable to stand up for themselves. Ask Master, I do a damn good job of asserting my equal rights every day.

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