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Best Rewards for Your Good Submissive Man

One of the key components in any female led relationship is training. A submissive male must be trained properly and then he can be expected to adhere to your specific preferences. But training involves more than stating a set of rules and expectations and he will just follow them.

You will also need to offer rewards and praise your sub if you want him to continue to behave the way you'd like. This goes on long after he has finished training. Much like children, subs needs to be rewarded for doing what is expected. They need to know that behaving will get them something that they really want.

But how do you reward a grown man for being a good submissive? Honestly, the answer is only as limited as your mind. You can use a variety of things to keep him happy and steer him in the right direction. Here are just a few samples of rewards that submissive men like.

  • Praise-- one of the most obvious and easiest ways to reward your submissive male is praise. If he has done a good job, tell him so. Submissive men love to be told that they are behaving well. They love to be showered with kind words and positive reinforcement. Try it and you will see that it goes a long way.
  • Sex-- this works best during chastity training and sometimes it is a good way to reward for the big things in everyday life. But since domination is not always sexual and sometimes you are training them that life is not all about orgasm-- sex isn't the idea. But it is definitely something that they want and would work great as a reward for something very big.
  • Lots of affection-- submissive men love nothing more than to be petted and loved on. You don't have to have sex, or even be naked. Touching, cuddling, kisses and the like work wonders to keep a submissive male in line. He will crave the affection and work extra hard to earn it.
  • Food-- some people use food items as treats. Does he love chocolate? Buy him a nice chocolate bar as a reward. Pizza his thing? Use that. They always say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. It's definitely something to try and see how he likes it.
  • Time-- Sometimes your man only wants your attention. Do something he enjoys with him. Play a video game. Watch a movie. Go for a walk. Reward him with an activity of his choosing when he behaves. He will find that he works harder so that he gets that extra time with you when he wants it.
  • Trips-- maybe he wants to go see a ballgame or special museum. Perhaps he wants a weekend at the beach or a hunting trip. Whatever his desire is for a getaway, use that as a reward. Anything that he enjoys doing.
  • Massage-- he likes them too. Maybe instead of getting your own, give him one. He's sure to like it and enjoy being pampered himself for a while.
  • Gifts-- know something that he really likes? Buy him one. Books, music, movies, games-- anything that means something to him will be greatly appreciated.
  • Ask-- If all else fails, ask him what kind of reward he would like. Chances are he will be happy to tell you what he'd prefer to have. Some of it may not be feasible, but more often than not you are going to find that all he wants is to feel your happiness.

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