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Your Ultimate Guides to Male Submission

How to Control Your Man's Orgasm
You’ve been asking, and now we’re answering! Male chastity has become a more popular topic in recent years, but still some people don’t know exactly what it is or how to use it effectively. For this reason, we’ve put together this guide on how to control your man’s orgasm using a chastity device.
How to Turn Your Male Submissive into a Bondage Slave
Are you interested in exploring BDSM and want to turn your submissive into a bondage slave? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Bondage can be ...
Submissive Sexuality Does Not Mean You are Weak
Being submissive requires a lot of strength. Do not think that because one is voluntarily relinquishing his or her freedom means they have given up on thinking or feeling for themselves. Contrary to popular belief, submissiveness carries inherent power.
Urethral Sounds and Sexual Stimulation
Your male partner can be stimulated in a variety of ways and to reach higher levels of sexuality all you need to do is to release your creativity and imagination. If your male partner is the submissive type, even better!
The Best Valentine’s Feminizing Gift Ideas For Your Submissive Boy Toy
50 Shades Of Grey – both as a movie and a book – has hit a huge success in the past few years. Was it only because of the plot of the story and the actors involved? Or also because viewers and readers want to experience it firsthand (or are already experiencing it) in real life?
How to Pamper Your Submissive Male
If you have a submissive male, ready to please you whenever you want, consider yourself lucky. There is nothing sexier and more intense than a male wanting to offer pleasure to their mistress or dominant and finding their own sexual satisfaction in such sex scenes.
Forced Feminization BDSM Scene
Forced feminization is a term used by BDSM enthusiasts for a sexual practice similar to sissification. So, let’s see how you can have a forced feminization scene with your partner and how intense can it be!
3 Best Ways to Dominate Your Male Submissive
If you are a beginner when it comes to dominating your submissive male, here are some ideas you can apply to your intimate life and see the kind of sexual satisfaction they bring you.
Great Ways to Experiment with Female Domination
If you’ve never thought you could be more dominant in the bedroom, think again. Experimenting with domination is a great way to explore your own sexuality, try something different with your partner and most of all, have plenty of fun!
Practical Advice on Finding Your Femdom Match
If you are a man who has recently discovered they are more inclined to be submissive, you may find yourself a bit lost. Finding a partner is hard enough in vanilla life and dating!
Inspiring Ways to Keep Your Male Sub Emasculated
If you are a dominatrix, chances are you are always looking out for new ideas to humiliate and emasculate your man. So, if you woke up today thinking to yourself, “man, I wish some good ideas would come my way”
Methods to Gain Sexual Control Over Your Man
A woman’s sexual control over men is undeniable. Whether it is the possibility of intercourse or the withdrawal of it, women hold all the power in those scenarios. But these cases are somewhat limited towards the power a woman could have from it; for example, if a man is horny and sex is the goal, he won’t be able to focus on other things.
The 18 Commandments of a Great Slave
1. Thou shall offer food. Make sure to have dinner ready when she gets home. Bonus points if you actually plan ahead what you will be eating. This is the perfect way of letting her known you are on his mind and you are aware of her needs. Extra Bonus: prepare her favorite food as the perfect home greeting.
Identity Reframing for Male Femininity Training
Identity reframing implies a shift in a man's image of his own sexuality. With identity reframing, the main idea is to change how a man perceives himself. And as you may imagine, and although this system has been the subject of some discussion through the years, it is one of the most used techniques in male training.
Female Sexual Empowerment Best Tips
Who doesn't like to be pampered? Having all your needs taken cared of, having massages and foot rubs, being the center of attention… Basically feeling like a goddess. If a man is the one doing all these things to you, well that certainly adds something extra to the whole situation.
Male Submissive Guide: Erotic Slave Subjugation Tips
Just like important news that are part of our collective minds, that "where were you when…" or the first time we knew we were in love with someone, its likely the moment you became interested and decided to pursue male training is engraved in your brain forever.
Male Submissive Guide: Truths About Male Submission
Popularity among male chastity is certainty on the rise. More and more women are choosing to represent themselves as liberated females in complete control of their sexuality through male chastity and with ownership of their guys.
Male Submissive Guide: Erotic Slave Training 101
When it comes to disciplining males, there are two strongly opposed sides: the forced subjugation approach and the willful participation one. Let's read more about them, shall we?
Male Submissive Guide: Slave Training Exercises 101
It is no secret learning new things takes time. Abilities, a new hobby, a new lifestyle… It requires informing yourself about everything that's necessary in order to dominate this new routine. So, let's say you want to try some identity reframing on your man.
Femdom Resources: How to Gain Your Feminine Power in Domination
From the object to the subject, take back your sexual independence! I don't think I need to tell you about the benefits of male chastity because you already know them.
Femdom Resources: Take Control of Your Man
I have talked about controlling a man before, have I? It is one of my favorite subjects and one that is very useful. One of the good things is you can train your partner in very few simple steps; once you start noticing good changes in their behavior you'll wonder why you waited so long to try it.
Everything You Need to Know About Forced Feminization
The sound of that word "forced" is music to my ears when BDSM is involved. The truth is, however, that in BDSM play, force is something that is part of a couple's created scene and has been agreed upon in advance.
The Right Way to Do Erotic Humiliation
I guess the word humiliation has some pretty negative ideas that go along with it, right? Even when I tie the word "erotic" to it, it still seems to carry some of that negative weight. This is too bad, because done right, erotic humiliation can be just as great as all the rest of that pain we love oh-so-much.
What Makes a Man Choose Submission?
I can't count the number of times I've heard someone ask what makes a man choose submission. I've never really thought about it much as I also never really think about what makes a woman choose submission.

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