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Urethral Sounds and Sexual Stimulation

Your male partner can be stimulated in a variety of ways and to reach higher levels of sexuality all you need to do is to release your creativity and imagination. If your male partner is the submissive type, even better! A specific way of sexual stimulation for submissive partners are related to using urethral sounds and other accessories along with them. They give men a certain type of sexual satisfaction that is extremely intense. But what are urethral sounds and how can you use them to reach intense sexual satisfaction? This is what we will focus on in this article!

Urethral sounding is a medical sexual game used to enlarge the inner diameter of the urethra. This is also used for genital piercing and other medical procedures and men simply love this due to the side pleasure that it offers them. As a dominant, you can stimulate your partner using an urethral sound and you can even find sex toys and accessories that have more attachments to them. Penis plugs also known as urethral sounds are the basic sex toys that can stimulate your submissive partner’s penis from the inside. You can use this on your slave during sessions of orgasm denial and orgasm control. Penis plugs will not allow your partner to cum when you stimulate them and they will have to endure the pressure which will give you an intense satisfaction and feeling of control as a dominant. When you insert an urethral sound into your partner’s penis, you can also use a lubricant for an easier insertion but make sure they feel an equal level of pleasure and pain. A great trick that most dominants use after they insert the urethral sound into their partner’s penis is a vibrator that touches the urethral device at the top of it. This vibrator will send vibrations to the urethral device and stimulate the submissive’s penis even more, making it shake and stay hard. You can also fins amazing sex toys and accessories that come with an urethral sound device, a butt plug and electro-stimulating to connect them all together for a more intense satisfaction.

By using such a sex toy you can have full control over your partner’s genitalia and stimulate their penis and butt at the same time. Nothing is more intense for a man than having a butt plug and an urethral sound stimulating them at the same time. Of course, you can find separate sex toys and accessories to combine these pleasures and some men even like to have their nipples stimulated simultaneously. You might think that only women’s nipples are sensitive but that is far from the truth. So, if you want to increase the sexual sensations for your submissive partner, add some nipple clamps to the BDSM scene and enjoy the benefits! There ar eno limits when it comes to using an urethral sound on your partner! You can choose from sex toys and penis plugs with different lengths and diameters and see which ones work best for your slave. Don’t forget that they shouldn’t feel so comfortable so a little “stretch” is necessary to give both of you the sexual pleasure and satisfaction that you are looking for.

After an intense session or urethral stimulation, when you remove the device and eventually the butt plug and you allow your slave to have an orgasm, you will be impressed by the intensity of it! Your submissive partner will be so overwhelmed and ecstatic to reach this level of sexual satisfaction that they will be grateful to you for taking them there. And you can do this combined with so many forms of bondage while you incorporate urethral stimulation into a multitude of BDSM scenes. All you need is the right sexual arsenal and an open mind to make sure you have new ideas every time you want to explore your submissive partner’s body to extremes!

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