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How to Control Your Man's Orgasm

You’ve been asking, and now we’re answering! Male chastity has become a more popular topic in recent years, but still some people don’t know exactly what it is or how to use it effectively. For this reason, we’ve put together this guide on how to control your man’s orgasm using a chastity device. If you’re ready to take your relationship (or your bedroom) to the next level, read on!

Does Sex Feel Better with a Cock Cage?

If you’re looking for tips on how to better control your man, you may want to consider getting him into a cock cage. This sex toy is very popular with men who have submissive tendencies because it makes it harder for them (but not impossible) to orgasm. He won’t be able to rub one out without your permission, and if he tries, he will get quite frustrated!

Male Chastity and Control Denial

When your man is wearing a Male Chastity device, you are in complete control of his orgasm. You can even deny him orgasm altogether if you want. The Male Chastity device is an effective tool for training and behavior modification. For many couples, Male Chastity play has great sexual benefits too. With a Male Chastity cage locked on his cock, it becomes impossible for him to ejaculate.

Why Men Like Control Denial

Men have a strong desire for control. Taking away his control of his orgasm will make him feel vulnerable and more willing to submit to her dominant nature. To be clear, she should exercise great care when doing something like making him wear a male chastity cage or cock rings and taking away his orgasm. He may feel frustrated or even hurt by her decision but that is okay because it will only lead him down an even more submissive path in their relationship.

What Are the Benefits of Male Chastity?

The one benefit that is most commonly touted is orgasm control. A male chastity cage, or some other device, can be a useful tool for controlling your man’s orgasm. Orgasm denial is also known as edging and essentially involves denying a male an orgasm for extended periods of time. This technique has long been popular with women in BDSM relationships who use it as a form of punishment. Male chastity toys come in various designs. Experiment with different styles (maybe the belt style chastity gear?) and add an element of kink and control into your play time.

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