Everything You Need to Know About Forced Feminization

The sound of that word "forced" is music to my ears when BDSM is involved. The truth is, however, that in BDSM play, force is something that is part of a couple's created scene and has been agreed upon in advance. It's all part of the pleasure, to be forced by Master to do whatever Master wants us to do. But it's no secret to anyone that the result is orgasmic stimulation, fun for both Dom/me and sub.

What exactly is Forced Feminization? When a Dom/me forces their male sub to put on feminine clothing and attire and behave in the feminine ways instructed, often involving ways of talking or bodily positions. Of course the male sub will plead and protest, but this is only surface level— usually what's going on deep down is immense arousal and the desire for the scene to proceed as intensely as possible, longing for more, more, more!*g*

Forced Feminization typically involves lots of costumes and wigs. A costume or lingerie on a man helps to achieve the authenticity of a scene, making it that much more sexy. Something like a corset will really get him ready to explore his feminine side. Couple that with a wig, and those long blonde curls will really transform the scene so you're both lost in that world—which is exactly where you want to be! *g* And don't forget about some high heels, because nothing says feminine like sex kitten shoes. The added bonus of heels is that because he's not used to wearing shoes like this, his level of subordination increases even more. He'll be at your mercy before he's locked up in bondage! *wink*

And speaking of bondage, there are lots of options where forced feminization is concerned. Using pink, lacy, or obviously feminine collars and cuffs will assist any Dom/me in feminizing their man. Using a paddle has much the same effect, perhaps suggesting that your newly feminized man needs to get in touch with his softer side—and this is the perfect way to show him…*wink* Chastity is often a common aspect to Forced Feminization as well, helping to remind the male sub that his parts are not in service for the time being. *g* A nice chastity device will lock him up nice and tight, leaving the Dom/me free to occupy herself (or himself) with other activities, like picking out his new feminine name! How fun!

With the male sub all tied up and feminized, both Dom/me and sub can begin to enjoy the activities of the altered roles. The role reversal is many times found to be such an intense source of erotic pleasure because it's so different from their daily routines and personas, and the excitement of exploring these new roles ups the stimulation further. Lots of couples participating in Forced Feminization scene engage in extensive bondage, using hogties and canes—quite serious (and seriously sexy! *g*) toys, for added effect. And if you're going all the way, a wonderful feminizing technique involves one of my best friends, the strap on! *giggles* Lots of Dom/mes, myself included, like to choose a life-like dildo, which can make the experience all the more intense for the deliciously feminized sub. And don't forget your harness so your hands are free to snap the whip down between thrusts. *g*

When engaging in Forced Feminization, a Dom/me exercising power with their helpless sub helps to create a more realistic scene , and I can say from experience—the more realistic it feels, the greater the pleasure! *g* Costumes, wigs, bondage, it all weighs in, and no doubt you'll both be bringing those toys out again and again once the deep intensity of Forced Feminization scenes start to sneak into to your every fantasy!

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