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Male Submissive Guide: Slave Training Exercises 101

It is no secret learning new things takes time. Abilities, a new hobby, a new lifestyle… It requires informing yourself about everything that's necessary in order to dominate this new routine. So, let's say you want to try some identity reframing on your man, I mean, for research purposes only wink". Well, you'll want to know the appropriate techniques to get your man to start behaving like you want to; and yes, even if it takes some time and several tries, in the end I'm sure you will become quite the master…I mean, not you, but that friend you were asking about, right? Wink"

Identity reframing is usually put in the "advanced male training techniques"; it requires the rebuilding of your man's self image and that is not an easy task. It will take time and some failures along the way, but if you put your mind to it, you will make it (kind of life starting new healthy eating habits, basically… Well, not that hard, ha ha), what I'm trying to say is, there are no shortcuts and the results will not be seen overnight.

If you are interested in trying Identity Reframing, here are some helpful exercises to help a lending hand to finally dominate this practice. So print these tips…erhm, I mean email them to your friend wink*:

Shifting the paradigm

    What? Are we in college now, talking about paradigms and such? Well, the truth is this will be helpful to understand this exercise. The goal here is to use feelings like embarrassment and pride to get the response you want to get. This method is often used because of its furtiveness; meaning your man will not have an idea about what you are doing (007, spy style), Want some ideas on how to apply it? Well, of course you do! Here is an example: let's say there are two cups, one is branded as "knight" and the other as "pussy whipped". Because of culture and previously existing paradigms, mot men will try to hide their natural pull towards women; the culture and usual paradigms that usually surround us tend to connect admiration and regard with the second cup. Little by little, your task here will be to transfer the actions and behavior of the second cup to the first one.

    Obviously men have different items in their cups, because well, each man is different (in spite of what you may believe! Haha). While some guys love to open the door for you, taking out the chair for you sit on and carrying your heavy bags, some will consider this type of behavior as FOBSAPW (that's Fear Of Being Seen As Pussy Whipped, for those less versed in the subject) and the men that suffer from this painful condition tend to have fewer items on their "knight cup". But I should say in general the number of items on this cup has been greatly reduced since the older times. And I can give you an example of this; think about how it was considered gallant for a gentleman to take off his cape in order for the lady to pass through a puddle of water, or they used to offer a handkerchief if the lady need it. But in these modern times, things have changed a lot. Doing these things will not even cross the minds of a lot of men; even if you end up ruining your favorite pair of sandals or getting your legs wet. In fact, if you end up crossing the dirty puddle of water and your shoes get filthy, you probably don't want to look awkward by cleaning them up with a napkin and carrying around said napkin until you find a trashcan. And your date obviously hasn't got a cloth, napkin or handkerchief in his pocket. Oh, and he obviously doesn't think about how to help you with the current problem. And then…Ok, sorry, maybe I got a little too personal there, but you see where this is going. When those basic gestures of chivalry got lost in translation? Before, these gestures were seen as good things and if a man did not do them they were frowned upon, so what happened? But when you finally take the things in the "pussy whipped" cup and put then in the "knight" cup, you will get those things back. And basically any other behavior you want your man to have.

    The duplicate

      Here is when it comes handy to have girlfriends who have already achieved this reframing. This way you can ask them to show their man's obedience in front if yours; he will imitate the other man, creating that new behavior you are training. When they both do it, you two must admire it, this will demonstrate them that behavior makes them gain points with women, and achieve their approval. And in this case, the more the merrier (well, in many cases, actually, wink*) so if you have more than one friend, do the same. This environment will show them obedience its something common and would be weird not do it. It is proven men duplicate any type of thing, including demeanors that result in women being attracted to them. See? A winning situation for everyone involved, wink*.

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