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Let's Try Pet Play!

Pet play is a very fun way to practice BDSM so if you have already decided to try some or are thinking about it, it’s time for you to find out some things you will need in order to do it. First, I’m going ahead and assume you have already talked about it with your partner and decided the terms and agreements, wink*. This means the animal should be decided, what the two of you expect from playtime, if your pet will talk on occasions or just communicate with sounds and actions, whether they are allowed to use the toilet, the signal to indicate when play time is over and a safe word…

If you are the owner/dominant, you will want to think about the play time session before it arrives, just like you would set a scene up for role play. Of course you don’t have to have the plan written out from A to Z, but you should have in mind your ideas so you don’t get stumped when the time comes. It’s a good idea to let your pet know beforehand about something especially you want them to do or what you don’t want them to do; it will make things easier and more fun to talk about those things beforehand! Something important you should do is discuss with them if your pet will be “new” and has to learn how to behave or if you will tell them how to act and behave before play starts. This means they should know if its ok for them to knock over things around the house or make messes like a puppy would, for example.

Usually pets walk around on 4 legs with their hands and knees, but if your partner has some back or knee issues, you should check beforehand because this position can be quite uncomfortable for them. You will also need to decide before play time if they are allowed on all furniture, on a few pieces or not at all. Prior to play time, you two should also discuss if they can curl up next to you or they should keep some distance…

Another thing the owner should decide previously are punishments methods. The limits of your punishment will have to be determined with your partner earlier, of course. But you need to know what you will do if your pet commits a transgression; will they be stuck in their kennel? You whip them on the butt? Do you not give them treats? It will depend on the person and the couple, but be prepared for what you will do. Welcome, pet wink*

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