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3 Advantages of Sex during Pregnancy

When you and your partner are expecting, your entire life as a couple changes and this has a direct impact on your sex life. For some, pregnancy can make sexual encounters more passionate and intense. Except if your lover has a low sex drive because of their pregnancy symptoms. Then again, this is also quite normal. But if you are one of the lucky couples who enjoy sex even more during the nine months of pregnancy, then this article is without doubt for you. Sex during pregnancy has its advantages you should enjoy while you can because they are temporary! Most new mothers would go without sex after having their baby. So, it is well worth it to get busy while you have the opportunity! Here are the main advantages to have sex during pregnancy and how you can make the most out of it!

1. Sensitive breasts

You have probably heard that pregnant women have sensitive breasts but just how much more? Well, it is worth finding out to see how much your lover will get turned on by adding a nice pair of nipple clamps to your sexual encounter. Then again, you can also use your bare hands and lips to stimulate your pregnant girl. But why not keep those free for other erogenous zones of her body by adding some hot sex toys to do the trick? You are in for a treat to discover they can reach an intense climax when you stimulate their breasts the right way. Not to mention, you can even play some bondage games while you are at it. Use some rope or a body harness to keep their body under control. You will be able to increase the intensity of your stimulation during the sex scene so do not rush into hardcore games for your first attempt. If you do, then you might obtain the opposite effect!

2. Complete new fetishes and fantasies

With a more sensitive body offers the perfect opportunity to try new fetishes and fantasies. You can use your imagination and get the right sex toys and accessories to make your sexual encounters even more exciting! Start small. Add a blindfold to your sex scene then work your way up from there. From there, you can add as many accessories as you want depending on the sexual encounter you aim for. Many couples get into BDSM practices just to increase the level of excitement and sexual pleasure during their sex. This is perfect for pregnant ladies who tend to have an increased sex drive. Remember, any sexual encounter of this kind has to be safe, sane, and consensual to make sure both of you can get pleasure from it. So, it might be a good idea to establish a safe word if you plan to try out a more intense role play. In doing so, you are certain you can stop it at any time things get uncomfortable for either of you.

3. Increased sexual energy

Lovers of pregnant ladies can benefit from their partner’s increased sexual energy at this time. This means you might expect to have more sexual encounters than usual, moreover, with greater intensity than before. Always keep an open mind and use your imagination so both of you can reach new levels of sexual satisfaction together. Just remember the safety aspect since your lover is pregnant. In the heat of the moment things can get out of control and things can happen unexpectedly. It is best to have a conversation with your partner beforehand and express your sexual desires before trying anything. This way you can find a common ground to work with to be able to experience intense sexual encounters together!

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