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Dating While Pregnant

When you are a pregnant, you may believe dating is completely off the table. But the reality is, this is what happens for plenty of women out there. It probably isn’t the ideal situation, however for some reason or the other, you may found yourself pregnant, without a partner and in the dating world. Because hey, you may be pregnant woman, but you still are a woman with needs wink*

For many pregnant women, the idea they probably won’t be able to date for a while makes it even more exciting to date while they can. Contrary to general belief, being pregnant and being desired are not mutually exclusive. Actually, being desired and feeling sexy may be wonderful for your overall mental health during pregnancy.

You could begin by creating a dating profile online or on an app. If you are already on those, being pregnant is not necessarily a reason to stop. But it is important you are clear about what you are looking for. It is fine if what you are looking for a serious partner to be a father figure to your child, but be very clear about what you want. However do be aware your whole life is going to change; not only your life, you will probably be in a very sensitive emotional state. That is why probably the best course of action is simply date around, meet some new people and have some fun.

So, about that profile…we all know they are extremely important in the dating world. When you are on the early stages of pregnancy aka: not showing, you don’t need to put that on your profile or even talk about it with your date. If it is a one-night stand or a one time thing and you know you won’t be seeing them again, you are not under any responsibility to disclosure anything. But, if you go on seeing them, you should tell them. Generally, if you are on the third date with someone it may be a good idea to tell your date you are expecting. That is because it could be a sign this is leading to something more serious and honesty should be expected to build a good relationship.

When you are dating while pregnant, how far in the physical realm of things you go to it is entirely up to you. For some women, they may not be in the mood to completely engage in penetrative sex but they could still enjoy other sexual activities. On the other hand, for other women kissing is how far they can go physically and that is ok. For a number of women anything physical may be off the table because they simply want to hang out, have fun and simply enjoy dating. You choose your own terms when you are dating…always, so being pregnant doesn’t change things wink*

For many women, being pregnant means having a bunch of hormones that will make them crave intimacy or anything physical really…and that moment usually comes when they already have a burgeoning baby bump. If you are not comfortable dating at this stage, you can always have some fun on your own. Being in charge of your own sexuality is even more important when you are pregnant, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t take a nice bath, put on some nice music, caress yourself and enjoy some orgasms with your favorite toy.

And one last thing, you may be surprised to find out that plenty of men find pregnant women extremely attractive. As a matter of fact, if you are pregnant don’t be surprised to encounter men asking you out on the street…when you have a huge pregnant belly. Who knows if something great might come from that?

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