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Best Positions for Sex during Pregnancy

A pregnant woman has a stronger sexual desire and is often more willing to spend time between the sheets than ever before. Indeed, the sexual tastes and preferences of your partner will not change because the two of you are about to become parents although the intensity of your sexual life might drop a bit.

But when it comes to sexual encounters during pregnancy, the limits are not so many as you might think. Then again, certain sexual positions will be more uncomfortable than others. These positions can be subjective to each couple but some would be easy for most couples to enjoy.

The doggy style position is by far the most popular. It can be explored in many ways and at many sexual levels. During physical sexual intercourse, this position offers plenty of satisfaction for both partners involved and can lead to an intense orgasm. It is fast and effective, thus making it suitable for quickies as well.

You can stimulate your pregnant woman using a butt plug while in this position or you can enjoy a session of spanking and whipping if you want to have a kinky BDSM scene with your partner as the submissive. So, get your favorite paddle or whip ready and enjoy some intense sexual fun with your pregnant lady!

The lady on top is another sexual position considered to be comfortable for pregnant women. This will give you the freedom to stimulate her in so many ways while enjoying intense sexual intercourse. For instance, you can play with her nipples or make her wear a pair of nipple clamps for you. A pregnant woman’s nipples are very sensitive and it is well worth it to explore this new sexual energy surging through her body. If you know how to offer her the right level of sexual pleasure she will give out some exciting moans and reactions. Best of all,   you will have a great view as she enjoys herself on top of your excited body!

The third sexual position known as the side-by-side from behind is extremely comfortable and enjoyable for pregnant ladies. Basically, it is a form of horizontal doggy style. It allows your lady to be comfortable and focused a hundred percent on your sexual encounter. It also leaves plenty of space for stimulation to increase the level of sexual energy and make your intercourse more intense and exciting!

You can play with her nipples and engage in a passionate session of kissing while caressing any part of her body you want. She will thank you for all of it! However, penetration tends to be shallower in this position. But don’t be discouraged by this. This position is best when the pregnancy is more advanced.

Regardless of what sexual position you try with your pregnant submissive partner, you can always spice things up by adding accessories like gags, hoods, or a body harness to turn you on or light forms of bondage such as armbinders.

Finding out what sexual position is most comfortable and exciting for you and your partner is a process of discovery. Communication is also essential to find out what turns on your partner and what their sexual fantasies are. Do your best to satisfy each other by finding the best sexual practices and accessories!

Don’t let the fact you are about to become parents diminish your sexual life or the frequency with which you and your lover have intimate moments. More often than not, pregnancy months should be a time of high sexual activity and you should enjoy every part of it for the benefit of your relationship.

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