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Sex Toys for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a very exciting time for a woman and her partner. But as a pregnant woman, did you know your sex life can reach new levels during this time in your life? So, it is the perfect excuse for you to indulge in a variety of sexual fetishes and fantasies. In fact, even those you weren’t interested to try before. Indeed, this would be the ideal time for experimenting with new sexual sensations and trying to understand the other levels of your sexuality as you dive into more intimate moments with your lover. However, it is best to avoid any extreme sexual encounters. Moreover, check first with your doctor to learn if vaginal intercourse is a risk because these details are different from one pregnancy to another. If you are wondering what type of sex toys you can enjoy during your months of pregnancy and intense hormonal changes, here are some suggestions to completely change your sex life around while you are pregnant!

1. Nipple clamps and breast bondage

We all know a pregnant woman has extremely sensitive nipples and breasts. You can use many fetishes to indulge this extreme sensitivity. Add a pair of nipple clamps to your sexual encounter to successfully increase your sexual pleasure and satisfaction. If you are into BDSM and bondage practices then you might want to explore some breast bondage by using a simple rope. Do this to discover what it really feels like to exchange control during your sexual encounters. Use your imagination and play around with such fetishes to fulfill the naughtiest sexual desires you might have. Make sure to talk with your partner before diving into any complex sexual encounter to be certain both of you are on the same page. Having a safe word in place is also a great idea in case things get out of control and you or your lover start to feel uncomfortable during the sex scene.

2. Butt plugs

Anal sex can be extremely hot for your pregnant lover. Her condition increases her hormonal levels at this time. The rise also gives a woman the confidence to try out fantasies she wouldn’t have indulged in before. Anal sex can also be incorporated into a variety of sex games and roleplays to spice up your sex life even more. So, don’t set limits on your body and enjoy your months of pregnancy in the most intense and exciting way. Choosing the right anal toy can lead you to some passionate intercourse afterward as well. Butt plugs are a good way to get started in this direction. Anal beads are another great category of sex toys for you and your partner to use during your sexual encounters. Perhaps, you could even use them to develop new sexual fetishes. Who knows, these might excite you even more than vaginal intercourse.

3. Electro stimulating devices

Electro stimulating devices are great for all couples around the world to use regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. They become even more efficient during pregnancy. Remember your body is more sensitive during these months. Hence, your sex drive can increase significantly. So take this chance to enjoy amazing orgasms as often as you want. Electro stimulating devices can be used for almost any type of sexual encounter including long sessions of masturbation. Just remember to get creative when using electro stimulating devices so you can have unforgettable moments of pleasure!

Explore all your fantasies every chance you have because your sex life can become limited once you are a parent. So, take this time to enjoy yourself and experience new sexual encounters together with your lover.

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