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3 Ways Sex During Pregnancy is Hotter

When you are pregnant, the one thing you shouldn’t miss out on is having sex. In fact, such sexual encounters can be hot for pregnant women especially those who experience it for the first time. Likewise, it is different for their partners since it would be a team effort to adjust to the pregnancy condition. Bear in mind, men and women have different reactions to pregnancy. But they also have some common sexual desires.

Moreover, it is a chance to explore and try out new fetishes to develop together. A couple should take advantage of these in the most intense way possible and soon, since pregnancy is temporary. Nine months can go by fast. So, let’s see what makes sex during pregnancy hotter than any other type of sex.

Find out why you should never miss an occasion to have an intense and exciting orgasm with your pregnant lady!

1. Explore her breasts and nipples

A pregnant woman has extremely sensitive breasts and this is a detail no one should underestimate. It has a lot of sexual potential to generate multiple orgasms. So, if your girl was never into bondage, she might be more willing to try breast bondage now when her breasts are in need of some intense stimulation. All you need is a rope to give her such amazing pleasure. You can also add a pair of nipple clamps. Take your pick from the wide variety of these available in the market.

You can incorporate clamps into numerous sexual encounters and even a multitude of role plays. Thus, you can enjoy such sex toys and accessories on more than one occasion. Consider these as investments to add to your sexual arsenal. Best of all, you can use these even after the pregnancy. It is possible she will look forward to enjoying this amazing type of stimulation once she discovers it.

2. Enjoy more than one orgasm

Pregnant women love to have as many orgasms as possible and their partners are more than happy to help them enjoy such intense pleasures. However, this does not mean having intercourse again and again, especially when you have an orgasm belt in your arsenal. Have your pregnant girl wear an orgasm belt while you stimulate other parts of her body and explore other her erogenous zones. No doubt, she will enjoy the excitement! You can even add some bondage scenes to your sexual encounter to spice things up even more.

It could also be a chance to discovering new fetishes and sexual fantasies together with your excited lover. You should know, pregnant women might not say no to a lot of sexual practices because they can use all the stimulation they can get. Thus, this period of time could bring immense growth to your relationship! So, keep an open mind and free yourself of inhibitions to be able to enjoy the most incredible types of sexual stimulation and sex encounters in your life! Not to mention a sexy pregnant woman!

3. Give anal sex a try

Many women are fearful when it comes to trying anal sex or anal stimulation for the first time. But if your girl was never into anal sex before, well during pregnancy, her sexual preferences might be different due to the hormonal changes affecting her charming body. So all of a sudden anal sex can be on the table and exciting for her at this time. When you notice she is open to such intense pleasure then you should not think twice about indulging her desire to try it.

During pregnancy, any form of sexual intercourse seems to become an option as long as it gives her more sexual pleasure. Anal sex is certain to add intensity, excitement and stimulation to any sexual encounter. If you want to take things to the next level, use some anal toys before you try actual anal intercourse, just to see how it goes and to let her get used to the feeling of such a sexual practice. Once she is ready, you can have anal intercourse and enjoy amazing orgasms together!

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