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Sexercises Good for Your Health

Sex is a great way to stay in shape and some sexual performances and activities are more efficient when pursuing this goal than others. When you dive into an exciting sexual intercourse, or a session of sexual stimulation, the last thought in your mind might be to stay in shape but this a great surprise benefit of such experiences and the more you have them the better and more attractive you will look! But there are positions that are more recommended than others when it comes to keeping your body fit while you are aiming to reach an intense orgasm and here are some of the most exciting sex types that will turn out to have a great positive impact on the shape of your body!

1. Missionary position

Missionary position can be a very exciting one, even if it is one of the most popular sex types around the world. Most sexual encounters start with the missionary position and they get to be more complex sex scenes. This is a great form of work out especially for the male partner who is on top and controlling the action. The kind of pushups that can be performed during missionary position are called Hindu Pushups and they have multiple benefits for your body. And to make things even more interesting for the girl too, you can add a pair of nipple clamps or even a butt plug that will increase the sexual stimulation so much more!

2. Doggystyle sex

Doggystyle is one of the kinkiest positions enjoyed equally by both partners, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. And it provides a great workout for both of them as well. Not only that you will work your legs and your hips, regardless to the role that you have in the sexual encounter, but you will also enjoy some very intense orgasm during this kind of sex scene. Some bondage accessories are welcome in such a scene, such as blindfolds or gags or even a body harness that will increase the excitement and sexual stimulation. And to add such sex toys or accessories into your sexual encounters you don’t necessarily have to be a BDSM enthusiast. There are plenty of sexual fetishes and fantasies to enjoy them in.

3. Cowgirl position

The sexercise specific to the cowgirl position is known as hollow-body bridge hold. This can be very self-explanatory especially if you are not a stranger of this type of sexual encounter. Strong core and lower body strength are considered to be the most important aspects of this sexual position. In time you will become an expert at it and you will be able to please your partner and give yourself a nice workout while doing so. But as a beginner, it is better to master the position first before you dive into further benefits of it. You can add other sex toys and accessories to stimulate both you and your partner during such a sexual encounter and the sky is the limit to what you can do when you get excited.

While these sex types are not only beneficial for your body but also very intense and exciting to try out with your partner they might also lead to some new fetishes and sexual fantasies that you can enjoy. Use your imagination and creative skills to develop these basic sexual positions into more complex workouts and sexual encounters for the benefit of both you and your partner. Chances are that over time your bed can easily become your gym, and this will also have a direct benefit for your sexual life and your relationship as well. Sex doesn’t have to be a sport but It can definitely have its sportive sides when you know the best way to explore it for more than just a race toward an intense orgasm. And your partner will be more than happy to join you in this amazing sexual adventure!

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