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Your Ultimate Guides to Sexual Health

The Effects of STIs
Sexually transmitted infections are no joke. They are a serious health issue that should be treated as such. As a matter of fact, the percentage of sexually active people who get infected by an STI at some point in their lives is incredibly high.
Sexercises Good for Your Health
Sex is a great way to stay in shape and some sexual performances and activities are more efficient when pursuing this goal than others. When you dive into an exciting sexual intercourse, or a session of sexual stimulation, the last thought in your mind might be to stay in shape but this a great surprise benefit of such experiences and the more you have them the better and more attractive you will look!
Sex Tips to Apply After Menopause
Menopause is one of the major changes for a woman and it comes at a difficult age as well, so it can have a high impact on their sexuality. If you are going through such a period, you should definitely learn to rediscover your sexuality and embrace it in all its new forms because mature women know the best way to achieve great levels of sexual pleasure and satisfaction and, in consequence, intense and exciting orgasms.
Sex Habits You Should Follow
Do you have a sexual habit that you almost always do before, during or after sex? Or do you have some sort of ritual that you like to engage in during a masturbation session? While sexual routine is not the best path to an intense sex life, having some sort of routine can help you have better sexual encounter and even be more organized in bed which is always a good thing!
Sex and Breastfeeding
If you just had a baby, your body will go through a lot of changes that you and your partner will have to adapt to, in order to get back to your exciting and intense sexual encounters that you are most likely missing so much! And the most affected parts of your body are your breasts and your genitalia.
Sex after Pregnancy
Pregnancy is an important phase in the life of a woman and it comes with many physical changes on top of all the emotional ones that can actually change a life. When you become a mother, the set of priorities is changing and the level of values as well. And while some changes are more obvious, others will take certain time to be understood. 
Safe Sex Without Protection
Protection is a big part of our sex life or, so it should be! Especially if you don’t find yourself involved in a steady and long-term relationship, you should pay extra attention to the amount of safety that you need when you are enjoying different sexual experiences.
3 Reasons to Practice Kegels Everyday
Kegel exercises are famous for their benefits nowadays and both men and women enjoy practicing them on a regular basis. They can improve your health but also your sexual performance and even increase the level of pleasure that you experience during your sexual encounters. And since these exercises are available for both men and women, you can always try them out with your partner.
Why You Should Never Mix Sex with Guilt
Combining sex with guilt can sour intimate connections, hindering enjoyment and trust. Guilt mingles with desire, creating a toxic mix that stifles pleasure and openness. Healthy relationships thrive when sex is free from guilt, allowing for genuine connection and fulfillment.
Save Him from the 4 Things Hurting His Sex Drive
If your man is not feeling so sexual at a certain moment, you shouldn’t take it personally. More often than not, you are not to blame for his lack of interest in your sex life. External factors might have a direct impact not only on his sexual desire, but on his sexual performance as well.
How Kegel Exercises Can Change Your Sex Life
Kegel exercises are contractions that you can control of your pelvic muscles. After childbirth, these muscles suffer quite a bit, and you might need to help them to get back in shape. Also, if you have a sedentary lifestyle, your pelvic muscles might not function at their highest standards. Practicing Kegel exercises of contraction regularly will help improve such conditions and your entire genitalia.
How Does Sex Reduces Stress
There are many things out there about the benefits of a healthy sex life but the most common one that seems to be mentioned in any study regarding this subject is the power that a good sexual encounter has over our level of stress. The short version is that sex is a great way to release a high level of stress that we might be dealing with.
Having Sex After a Heart Attack
Resuming sexual activity after a heart attack requires open communication with healthcare providers and partners. With proper guidance, many individuals can safely return to intimacy by following personalized recommendations for physical activity, medication management, and lifestyle adjustments to support heart health and sexual wellness.
Top Foods to Eat for Amazing Sex
Nutrition greatly affects your life. When I say life, I really mean all aspects of it, including your sex life. Diet also plays a big role in your sexual health, which is why you need to pay attention to the kind of foods you are consuming.
Reasons Why You Might Have Problems Reaching an Orgasm
You might think that an orgasm comes naturally during sexual intercourse or sexual stimulation and when it doesn’t, you can find a hundred differe...
Why Women Lose Interest in Sex
Sex is a big part of our lives and it can be essential for a couple but also for one’s personal physical and mental health. So, let’s see what are the main reasons why a woman might not feel so sexual like she used to.
Why Women Might Feel Sad after Sex
Women tend to be a lot more emotional than men and their sexual life is no exception to this general rule either. But some side effects of a good and intense sexual encounter might be hard to explain. Especially when they catch you off guard.
Why Some Women Avoid Sex
Is your partner avoiding having sexual intercourse as often as you would like to or as often as they used to enjoy it? If that is the case, identifying her reasons might not be so easy. Superficial ones like headaches, or too much stress to deal with at work, can function for a temporary period of time.
Why Men Tend to Lose Interest in Sex
Even if men are usually the more sexual ones, there are moments when their drive has to suffer as well, and the signs should be picked up on earlier than later. Is important to not ignore a lack of sexual interest that you might feel on yourself if you are a man or you might feel on your partner.
When to See a Sex Therapist
Sex therapists can help you extremely, especially when your sex life is struggling and we all have phases like that. Unfortunately, not all couples go to see a sex therapist until things get too complicated and hard to control. This happens because they fail to recognize the first signs that signal a certain problem, or they ignore them with the hope that they will find their own resolution which is almost never the case.
Things that are Killing Sexual Drive
Having a low sex drive can be a real problem not just for you but for your relationship as well. Turning to your partner or your doctor for a chat about this issue can be even harder to deal with.
How Birth Control can Effect Sexual Desire and How to Fix It
Birth control is something most sexually active people do to limit the chances of pregnancy. Depending on the type of birth control used, it could also help partners stay safe during their sexual encounters. Those who are not in an exclusive relationship tend to utilize it for this reason.
3 Ways Women Can Cope with Sex Anxiety
Women tend to put more tension on their sexual life than men. It often happens because they spend too much time judging their body. The sexual anxiety this creates can do certain damage to a relationship and even reduce a woman’s sex appeal. The truth is only a few ladies are satisfied with the way they look.
Aphrodisiac Foods to Totally Get a Woman Hornier Than Ever
Women like sex just as much as men. If some of them have a certain problem with their libido, it might be because they don’t eat magical foods that can boost their sex drive! It might not be enough to use the perfect vibrator, orgasm belt or even nipple clamps to get to be in the mood for an intense sexual encounter with your partner.

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