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Your Ultimate Guides to Sexual Health

Reasons Why You Might Have Problems Reaching an Orgasm
You might think that an orgasm comes naturally during sexual intercourse or sexual stimulation and when it doesn’t, you can find a hundred differe...
Why Women Lose Interest in Sex
There are many factors that might affect a woman’s sexual behaviour and some of them come with age while others come when they less expect it and ...
Why Women Might Feel Sad after Sex
Women tend to be a lot more emotional than men and their sexual life is no exception to this general rule either. But some side effects of a good a...
Why Some Women Avoid Sex
Is your partner avoiding having sexual intercourse as often as you would like to or as often as they used to enjoy it? If that is the case, identi...
Why Men Tend to Lose Interest in Sex
Even if men are usually the more sexual ones, there are moments when their drive has to suffer as well, and the signs should be picked up on earlie...
When to See a Sex Therapist
Sex therapists can help you extremely, especially when your sex life is struggling and we all have phases like that. Unfortunately, not all couples...
Things that are Killing Sexual Drive
Having a low sex drive can be a real problem not just for you but for your relationship as well. Turning to your partner or your doctor for a chat ...
How Birth Control Can Effect Sexual Desire and How To Fix It
Birth control is something most sexually active people do to limit the chances of pregnancy. Depending on the type of birth control used, it could...
3 Ways Women Can Cope with Sex Anxiety
Women tend to put more tension on their sexual life than men. It often happens because they spend too much time judging their body. The sexual anxiety this creates can do certain damage to a relationship and even reduce a woman’s sex appeal. The truth is only a few ladies are satisfied with the way they look.
Aphrodisiac Foods to Totally Get a Woman Hornier Than Ever
Women like sex just as much as men. If some of them have a certain problem with their libido, it might be because they don’t eat magical foods that can boost their sex drive! It might not be enough to use the perfect vibrator, orgasm belt or even nipple clamps to get to be in the mood for an intense sexual encounter with your partner.
Waist Training Guide for Beginners
You have probably heard about waist training before. In fact, it has become more popular in recent years. But this technique has been around for a very long time, it is widely used by women and men who cross dress.
The Right Way to Tell a Partner of Your STD
The moment you discover you have an STD can be quite shocking. You will probably experience a variety of overwhelming feelings. But at some point, if you start to date or if you are already in a relationship (especially, if you are havingsex), you will need to tell your partner about it.
3 Dangers of Porn to Your Sexual Health
Even if many hot ideas can be acquired from watching different erotic videos, too much porn can actually bring more damage than benefits to your sexual life and your entire relationship. While using porn as a source of inspiration can increase the diversity in your intimate life, when you become dependent on porn to reach sexual pleasure and satisfaction, then things are not on the right path.
Top Reasons Why Your Sex Drive is Low
A low sex drive can be quite a problem for some men, and if a man is in a relationship, it can be even more damaging. This is a shame because, naturally, most people are quite sexual.
What to Eat for Better Sexual Stamina
When it comes to sex, I think we can all agree it is best if it lasts longer. It is not just about technique, it is also about stamina and how conditioned is your body. For this reason, it also emphasizes the importance of what you eat and what your diet consists of.
Key Elements of Sexual Health You Must Know
If you are not careful about your sex life, then things might turn out pretty bad for you. You can catch a sexually transmitted disease (STD), have trouble building intimacy with your partner, become deprived of physical and mental satisfaction, face unwanted pregnancy etc.
Six Ways Sexual BDSM Benefits Your Health
Are the people who play with whips and chains in the bedroom healthier than people who just have normal sex? According to many recent studies, the answer is yes. Usually people who practice BDSM have a higher sex drive and healthier mind.
Sexual side effects of menopause
A woman’s body goes through a lot of changes and every age has its beauties especially when it comes to sexual experiences and preferences. Women don’t only change their body but also their sexual needs along the time and they can have lower or higher sex drive according to these changes that some men might not be aware of and misinterpret.
Beating the Score – How to Last Longer in Bed
Premature ejaculation is a very common problem for men. Sometimes it seems you have tried every trick in the book but you still finish too quickly. Doctors say most men experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives.
The Aging Penis - What to expect and how to prepare yourself
Getting older…it happens to the best of us. As you age, you will start to notice some changes in your body. After all, this is the circle of life…but it is one thing to read about them and another to experience those changes yourself. In any case, it is always better to be prepared right?
Things You Need to Know About HPV
The human papillomavirus (or HPV) is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, studies estimate exposure to the virus in the United States alone is around 90% among sexually active people.
Sex Facts: What happens to our bodies during Sexual Intercourse
Sexual stimulation and sexual intercourse are great ways to achieve an intense amount of pleasure and satisfaction that more often than not end in some just as intense orgasms. And all people love to engage in such experiences every now and then, even if couples tend to do so more regularly for obvious reasons.
Weight Loss Guide: Kinkiest Tips On How To Slim Down ASAP
It’s that time of the year again… where parties are held left and right and if you’re not cautious enough, you might end up doubling your weight. But that’s why we’re here!
Natural ways to get Better and Harder Erections
In order to have a great erection you need to have a good blood circulation on your penis. If your body is not able to let enough blood into your penis then you will not be able to have a good erection.

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