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Anal Play from Beginner to Expert

Anal play is one of the most intense sexual practices and a very popular one among the BDSM practitioners, matching a variety of sexual encounter scenes and fantasies. When it comes to anal stimulation, it is a gradual adventure and you and your partner need to keep an open mind while you enjoy such a journey. Here is a guide that will help you get from beginner level to expert level in no time.

1. Anal stimulating devices

When it comes to anal stimulating toys and accessories, the sky is the limit. There are plenty of options on the market for both men and women that are of different sizes and shapes so that anyone will find a high level of sexual satisfaction if they are using the right toy. However, if you are a beginner in this kind of sexual play, small and mini anal plugs might be a good way to start. The small size will make it easier for you and your partner to adjust to such sexual practice and you will feel more comfortable when the time comes for you to try the bigger sized ones. Also, prostate stimulators are a great toy for male partners who enjoy increasing their sexual pleasure during a BDSM scene. Anal beads will also be a great addition to your sexual arsenal and they might make you and your partner experience new levels of sexual pleasure that you didn’t even imagine before.

2. Use lube

Lubricant is great for beginners especially when it comes to trying new anal games. Even if you are planning to have a session of anal stimulation or enjoy some anal intercourse with your partner, using some lube will never hurt anyone and will actually make things a lot easier for both of you. You can even choose a type of lube that has some exciting smell or that has the warm up feature which gets activated when the lube touches the skin, in order to increase the pleasure even more and enjoy your sexual encounter to its fullest potential.

3. The great advantages of using a strap-on

Strap-on dildos are especially appreciated among lesbian couples since they replace a penis with so much success! They can be used for both anal and vaginal stimulation and they are known for increasing the sexual satisfaction for both partners. The trick to enjoying such a toy is to be able to pick the right size for your partner, so that way the pleasure is greater than the pain! Unless you want to punish and discipline them, case in which, you can pick a slightly bigger dildo that can be considered to be appropriate and exciting.

4. Take the baby steps

Communication is the key to a successful BDSM scene, regardless of its theme or the sexual practices that you are planning to incorporate in it. Talking with your partner beforehand is even more important when you introduce a new sexual activity such as anal play, which involves new toys and sensations that both of you have to be prepared to enjoy. Having a safe word is also necessary, at least for the first couple of times of trying anal sex so that you or your partner can change the course of events or the intensity of them by simply using one word and not disturbing the entire sexual atmosphere.

On top of the tips presented above, the main thing that will help you have a wonderful experience during your anal sex session is to keep an open mind and do not set up boundaries that you don’t need. Relax your body and welcome the new sexual pleasures that you are about to experience without focusing on the challenging parts. However, if you are the dominant type, you will love to challenge your submissive partner in order to obtain some deep moans and reactions out of them which will turn you on so much more, but finding a common balance is always a good idea when it comes to any BDSM scene.

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