Best Anal Sex Positions for First-Timers to Try

You may love the idea of trying anal sex, but you may also be a bit scared to try it (and your concern is completely understandable). However, you should know some positions can make things easier. Once you do try it, you may even think, ‘Why didn’t I try this sooner?’ Let’s not delay any further, here’s what you need to know to do it properly. Check it out.

One of the most comfortable positions for trying anal sex is the beloved cowgirl (or cowboy, depending on your gender wink*). In this position, your partner needs to lie down on the bed while you get on top of him. The good thing about this is the person on top can control the penetration. This is extremely helpful for first timers to anal sex. They will be in charge of the rhythm and how deep the penis goes in. So, the person at the bottom should never just go ahead and thrust. But what if your partner wants more stimulation at the base of his penis yet you don’t want to go deeper? A good tip is to grasp his penis with your hand and provide manual stimulation.

The doggy style is the second best position to try for anal sex. If you have tried anal sex before and found it too uncomfortable, you may want to try it with this position. You may be surprised to find it better with doggy style. Another good thing about this is the person below also has more control when it comes to penetration so the whole experience becomes more pleasurable.

A variation of this calls for the woman to kneel while resting her butt cheeks on the heels of her feet. Her knees should be open and her hands on the bed or her knees. The man will be in the same position behind her and place himself in such as way his penis will be located below her butt. In this position the woman can slowly descend into the penis and still be able to control everything. The man can play with her boobs or clitoris.

The lovely face to face is the third best position to try for anal sex. It is good as it allows partners to be intimate with one another. Hence, it creates an even more intense sexual connection with your loved one. You want to begin with the man sitting down while the other partner climbs on top of his lap, all the time looking at his face. In this position, the partner on top also has control, thus making the whole affair easier and comfortable. Looking at your partner’s face during penetration is a good way to get even more aroused. Indeed, there is something extremely sexy and powerful about looking into your partner’s eyes during sex.

You can go the extra mile by making your man use a vibrating cock ring. It will bring even more pleasure to the whole thing and enhance the whole experience for both of you. Being a woman in this position is also great because your partner will be able to stimulate your breasts, clitoris, neck, and more with his hands or better yet, his tongue.

Just remember to go slow and use a lot of lubrication. Remember, it doesn’t matter what position you choose, unless you use enough lubrication be warned no position in the world will make anal sex comfortable. Going slow is also the key to have a pleasurable experience. You should also remember to try some penile stimulation or clitoral stimulation to make things even better during anal sex.

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