Safety First Guide to Enjoying a Butt Plug

Whoa! Did she just say butt plug? Do people really talk about that stuff?

If you found yourself asking those questions, the answers are both yes.

The truth is that many people avoid discussing things like butt plugs and anal play. But why? A large portion of people have tried and/or liked both. So why is it a big secret? What is it about bringing up anything anal that automatically makes it taboo?

From infamous Teen Moms to saucy soccer moms (and dads), anal play is becoming very vogue. The Romans were doing it for years. *wink* Just imagine, if everyone was allowed to be comfortable with their own sexual desires and pleasures, the world would be a much happier place.

So for those who do admit to enjoying anal play, and those who won't admit it but will read anyway for information, we are going to talk about butt plugs. If you are still living under the rock of your grandparents' generation, a butt plug is nothing more than a small sex toy to be used in the anal cavity.

Most people are aware of what a butt plug is. With the secrecy of the subject, however, many do not know how to use them and are too afraid to ask.

Obviously, as with anything, safety should always be your first concern. That means you must take the time to pick a toy that is safe and compatible with your comfort and needs. Unlike vaginal toys such as vibrators, anal toys or butt plugs should be made a specific way. When you see standard sex toys, they can be a variety of shapes and sized. But an anal toy or butt plug without a solid and wide base will slip further into the anal cavity than is safe. If you think discussing a butt plug is embarrassing, try showing up at the ER to have one removed. So make sure you use a plug designed for anal play. One that will come out as easily as it went in.

As with any sex toy, always look at how it's made and what it is compatible with specific materials will not blend well with certain lubes. It will get destroyed and become a pain to take care of and potentially to use. Also make sure each area of the plug is designed to be the right size for the area it will be inhabiting. To ensure that you have years of sensual satisfaction with your plug, make sure you use a good quality lubricant vs. something which may be lubricating but is not necessarily made for sex (coconut oil, etc)

For actual use, you want to think smart, not hard. Never grab the biggest toy you see, (unless you are trying for the Borat award – then totally go for it). While it may seem exciting when you are making the purchase, there's a lot to be said for working your way up in regards to pain and ease of use.

If you find the smaller ones are too small, grab a bigger one. Be gentle when you insert the butt plug. You have sensitive areas to your anal cavity and a butt plug can damage them if inserted too harshly or quickly.

Always stop if there is pain or you see any signs of blood. You don't want to damage yourself for a little bit of fun. I would hope anyway.

Most importantly, do what feels right. I can't give you a set time limit for using these anal toys any more than I can tell you that a vibrator should help you achieve orgasm in a specific time period. It's all about what is comfortable for you and what you find that you enjoy.

If you discover that there is a butt plug that adds so much pleasure to your life that you'd like to share the wealth, then simply do so. Tell a friend. Let others know. Let's end the taboo of anal play once and for all.

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