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What You Need to Know About Anal Sex

Ever notice how you mention anal sex and everyone gets quiet? Well everyone except people like me. That’s because even in the world we live in, anal sex is still taboo. People don’t talk about that. And absolutely no one will admit they do it.

And yet there are a lot of anal sex toys on the market. Hmm, makes you wonder.

The truth is that anal sex is not nearly as rare as people like to believe. There are a lot of people that find it fun and pleasurable and not all of them are homosexual men.

I’ll be the first here to admit it. Hi, I like anal sex.

There. Was that so bad? For some of you it probably was. The mere idea that a woman would admit she liked anal sex is enough to scare the shit out of you. But what’s wrong with liking something that feels good? That’s the part that I don’t understand about all of these ‘taboo’ topics. If you enjoy it, how is that a bad thing?

Assuming that your intention is not to be the one that sucks the fun out of everything, I thought we’d take some time to discuss some things about anal sex. Not because I want to make the world uncomfortable. But because there’s nothing wrong with it. And because there are a lot of people that enjoy it. Mostly because there are things that anyone who might try it should know. And as we’ve established, no one is going to ask their friends.

  1. Take it slow. That’s the first and most important thing I am going to say. After a little bit it will be okay to hurry things just a little. But in those first few minutes you absolutely have to take things slower than you would with any other form of sex. It will cause pain. It will potentially cause damage. Most of all, it will ensure that it doesn’t happen a second time. The key to this is to understand that it applies on the first time of anal and the fiftieth. No matter how many times you’ve done it, take it slow for the first few minutes.
  2. Use lube. While some people can and do continue without any lubrication, it can damage the anal cavity. It can also cause more pain than is needed. Just a tiny bit of lube will help ease the process and make it far more pleasurable. Be careful what type of lubrication you use as well. Some of it may irritate the area and cause even more pain.
  3. It’s a different area. Obviously. But a lot of people don’t realize what that can mean. Since people like to use toys during sex, it’s important to understand that you have to use caution in this area. If it isn’t made for anal play, avoid it. Things can slip too far inside and you will have to go to the ER and have it removed. Anal toys are equipped with a wide base preventing this from happening. Don’t be one of the ones that thinks oh that won’t happen to me. Because I am here to say, it very well could.
  4. Have fun. The biggest tip I can give you is to not let the taboo of the subject cause you any concern. If it is something that interests you then go for it. There’s no reason not to relax and let yourself go and enjoy it. After all, relaxing is the key to enjoying it anyway. You’ve come this far, go for it.

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